I won a Xbox code for 10USD is this on any use to anyone?


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The End of the line
Well its been a few months since my last post so lets get stuck in...

My team was eliminated from the GTASC this week finishing in 14th place which was alot higher than any of us thought we would make. to say our team was made on the last day with 4 random guys i think we did well. If not for the release of the app i think we may have made it another week maybe to but thats life i guess... good luck to my friends who are still in and fighting.

This has been my best year for gaming in the way of score obviously this is down to the GTASC, This netted me 105,000 TA and nearly 65000 GS and the years not even done dance. while still on the subject i will be competing again next year however said to say without begfourmercy as he does not wish to do it again, was a pleasure gaming with you mate.

I have also hit some great milestones while in the competition 200,000 GS 300,000 TA and 100 completed games clap. Im gonna take the time before next years competition to mop up and prep for the battle. Thats the GTASC done with so onto me... ive moved house in the last 3 months and my son started school in September headspin. So its been a hectic time for me with some big changes.

I will be keeping a more regular blog now i have more time and can play more of the games i wanna play laugh. i will be playing forza horizon 2, sunset overdrive, titanfall, diablo ros, cod aw, borderlands tps, gta 5 and the crew mainly between now and January. so if any ones up for some co-op or mp drop me a message.

Again i wanna say thanks to Cherry, Yomam and Mercy for the great adventure the GTASC 2014 was and all the new friends i met along the way smile.

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is that the correct link, its asking me to create a gleam account and its never done that before

Comment by AaronJamesx38 at 13:07 on 11 Nov 2019

same here

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Lol great band

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Awesome accomplishment, you bloody rock mate.

Comment by rockinroosters at 19:46 on 10 Nov 2019

Thanks Kitty its been a blast

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