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3rd time lucky
Well its been a short while since my last post so i thought i best get to typing. May has been the best month ive had since i started the quest for Gamerscore coming in just shy of 10000G and 15000TA. The GTASC has been a massive factor in this and over last 6 weeks are team has become very competitive finishing too half most weeks. We are closing in in a top 50 finish and i feel we still have a way to go in the competition yet.

so on to things more current the E3 which from what i have seen looks a lot more promising than last years with some true next gen titles in the line up. There's quite a few in keen to get my hands on sunset overdrive for one dance. Im also looking forward to borderlands 1.5 as borderlands 2 is my all time game well just behind final fantasy VII that is. The master chief collection also caught my eye if the price is right that is 4000G in one disk who can resist. Im also in two minds over the new COD as ghosts multiplayer was a massive step down from black ops 2 .

onto what ive been playing well the big one is watchdogs which i got on midnight release and loved it, not keen on some of the multiplayer mind as it doesn't live up to the single player. Ive also played all 3 skylanders games which i would recommend their great fun. Ive also just started worms which at 30 quid on disk was a bit wtf.

As there is alot due out un next quarter what are you most looking forward to waiting 20 mins to install on the one roll

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Comment by Markyshizzle at 00:31 on 20 Apr 2021

GL, i bet im the first one to complete that game. It will take you about a month of grinding with premium account and premium battle pass. I spent $20

Comment by IrishWarrior022 at 03:02 on 20 Apr 2021

Bro thats crazy! Hope you do get that #1 saw you putting in some serious work! The game seems really good to me just need to understand it a little more.

Comment by Markyshizzle at 03:35 on 20 Apr 2021

if u wanna play with me sometime, i can give u pointers, i get #1 90% of the time. There is alot that the game does not tell you.

MattiasAndersonHole in the WallSuper dry achievementMattiasAnderson won the Super dry achievement in Hole in the Wall for 284 points
Comment by MattiasAnderson at 23:29 on 19 Apr 2021

Got some help today with the two player thing. Only finally completely finished round 5 but that is the toughest in the entire game.

Comment by MattiasAnderson at 23:30 on 19 Apr 2021

Then decided to push the single player after so I have been playing this for many hours straight. Yes I am crazy and now stiff in my whole body. Still need to pas 3 walls

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MattiasAndersonWarlords (2012)MattiasAnderson has rated the game Warlords (2012) 0.5 out of 5
Comment by MattiasAnderson at 20:15 on 19 Apr 2021

You have seen it all after 3 games or so. There is nothing to this game. It is so bad but at least it is quick.

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Comment by Cheevolution at 09:38 on 19 Apr 2021

Hey, is this any good? It's not backwards compatible, it's cheap, so it's interesting to me ^_^

Comment by MattiasAnderson at 20:14 on 19 Apr 2021

This one sucks but you are asking the one that tend to rate games 0,5 lol I give this 0,5 to be honest. It is so basic and after a few matches there is nothing more to it

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MattiasAndersonWarlords (2012)Fish In A Barrel achievementMattiasAnderson won the Fish In A Barrel achievement in Warlords (2012) for 12 points
Comment by MattiasAnderson at 01:57 on 19 Apr 2021

Got no clue how this game exactly work but I am winning.

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