1,100,000 Gamerscore reached on October 9th 2021. That deserves a frosty cold beer.


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Flook666Flook666 has reached a new milestone: 11,250 Achievements Won
Flook666Unruly HeroesFlook666 won 5 Achievements in Unruly Heroes for 214 points
PURESSENCESea of ThievesPURESSENCE won 3 Achievements in Sea of Thieves for 28 points
LimboPlatinumLimboPlatinum has reached a new milestone: 100,000 GamerScore
LimboPlatinumFIFA 18LimboPlatinum won 2 Achievements in FIFA 18 for 63 points
PURESSENCEMinecraftPURESSENCE won 9 Achievements in Minecraft for 307 points
DaveOwlCircuit SuperstarsDaveOwl won 3 Achievements in Circuit Superstars for 160 points
PURESSENCEPURESSENCE has reached a new milestone: 600 Completed Games
PURESSENCEPURESSENCE has reached a new milestone: 1,110,000 GamerScore
PURESSENCEIrony Curtain: From Matryoshka with LovePURESSENCE won 19 Achievements in Irony Curtain: From Matryoshka with Love for 723 points
PRVT NEWB KILLAGroundedPRVT NEWB KILLA won 3 Achievements in Grounded for 168 points
PURESSENCESiNKR 2PURESSENCE has rated the game SiNKR 2 2.5 out of 5
Flook666The Good LifeFlook666 started the game The Good Life
PURESSENCEThe Innsmouth CasePURESSENCE completed the game The Innsmouth Case and is the 43rd gamer on the site to complete it
PURESSENCEThe Innsmouth CasePURESSENCE has rated the game The Innsmouth Case 3.5 out of 5
PURESSENCEThe Innsmouth CasePURESSENCE won 23 Achievements in The Innsmouth Case for 1263 points
PURESSENCEFlynn: Son of CrimsonPURESSENCE completed the game Flynn: Son of Crimson and is the 931st gamer on the site to complete it
PURESSENCERing of PainPURESSENCE has rated the game Ring of Pain 3.5 out of 5
DaveOwlSnakeybusTruck Parkour achievementDaveOwl won the Truck Parkour achievement in Snakeybus for 115 points

                Status change by Cheetahzooie at 00:24 on 17 Oct 2021Cheetahzooie status: Murder House - Achievement Walkthrough (1000G IN 45 MINUTES) https://youtu.be/JHRvjZW79dg
CheetahzooieMurder HouseCheetahzooie completed the game Murder House and is the 11th gamer on the site to complete it
PURESSENCESablePURESSENCE won 2 Achievements in Sable for 25 points
PURESSENCESableHangmanPURESSENCE won the Up On High achievement in Sable for 13 points in Hangman
PURESSENCEThe Good LifePURESSENCE started the game The Good Life
CheetahzooieMurder HouseCheetahzooie won 5 Achievements in Murder House for 720 points
PURESSENCEHangmanPURESSENCE has completed the Hangman Challenge in the Hangman event
PURESSENCERing of PainPURESSENCE started the game Ring of Pain
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TrueAchievement in First Person Shooter Games England 1,617 View history chart 24,446 6.61
TrueAchievement in Open World Games England 1,037 View history chart 24,343 4.26
TrueAchievement in Third Person Shooter Games England 1,091 View history chart 24,275 4.49
TrueAchievement in Role Playing Games England 1,479 View history chart 23,383 6.33
TrueAchievement in Platformer Games England 148 View history chart 23,342 0.63
TrueAchievement in Stealth Games England 1,312 View history chart 22,984 5.71
TrueAchievement in Action-RPG Games England 1,349 View history chart 22,760 5.93
TrueAchievement in Puzzle Games England 39 View history chart 22,756 0.17
TrueAchievement in Action-Adventure Games England 445 View history chart 21,762 2.04
TrueAchievement in Beat 'em up Games England 363 View history chart 21,366 1.70
TrueAchievement in Strategy Games England 161 View history chart 20,661 0.78
TrueAchievement in Vehicular Combat Games England 532 View history chart 20,050 2.65
TrueAchievement in Turn Based Games England 272 View history chart 19,141 1.42
TrueAchievement in Simulation Games England 309 View history chart 19,037 1.62
TrueAchievement in Action Games England 86 View history chart 18,475 0.47
TrueAchievement in Card & Board Games England 337 View history chart 18,122 1.86
TrueAchievement in Adventure Games England 22 View history chart 17,617 0.12
TrueAchievement in Point & Click Games England 25 View history chart 16,926 0.15
TrueAchievement in Shoot 'em up Games England 97 View history chart 16,416 0.59
TrueAchievement in Management Games England 255 View history chart 14,044 1.82

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