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Palaidan98ZOMBIPalaidan98 won 9 Achievements in ZOMBI for 471 points
Palaidan98ZOMBIEpidemic achievementPalaidan98 won the Epidemic achievement in ZOMBI for 65 points
Palaidan98ZOMBIOutbreak achievementPalaidan98 won the Outbreak achievement in ZOMBI for 19 points
Palaidan98ZOMBIBurninated! achievementPalaidan98 won the Burninated! achievement in ZOMBI for 62 points
Palaidan98ZOMBIUnbreakable achievementPalaidan98 won the Unbreakable achievement in ZOMBI for 189 points
Palaidan98ZOMBIHeadshot! achievementPalaidan98 won the Headshot! achievement in ZOMBI for 13 points
Palaidan98ZOMBISafehouse achievementPalaidan98 won the Safehouse achievement in ZOMBI for 10 points
Palaidan98ZOMBIPalaidan98 started the game ZOMBI
Palaidan98Titanfall 2Palaidan98 won 35 Achievements in Titanfall 2 for 873 points
Palaidan98Titanfall 2Aim Bot achievementPalaidan98 won the Aim Bot achievement in Titanfall 2 for 21 points
Palaidan98Far Cry PrimalPalaidan98 completed the game Far Cry Primal and is the 18,801st gamer on the site to complete it
Palaidan98Far Cry PrimalPalaidan98 won 2 Achievements in Far Cry Primal for 71 points
Palaidan98ForagerPalaidan98 won 3 Achievements in Forager for 86 points
Palaidan98ForagerMiner achievementPalaidan98 won the Miner achievement in Forager for 28 points
Palaidan98ForagerIce Breaker achievementPalaidan98 won the Ice Breaker achievement in Forager for 44 points
Palaidan98ForagerJester achievementPalaidan98 won the Jester achievement in Forager for 13 points
Palaidan98ForagerPalaidan98 won 4 Achievements in Forager for 163 points
Palaidan98ForagerRobotic achievementPalaidan98 won the Robotic achievement in Forager for 70 points
Palaidan98ForagerPathfinder achievementPalaidan98 won the Pathfinder achievement in Forager for 40 points
Palaidan98ForagerTycoon achievementPalaidan98 won the Tycoon achievement in Forager for 13 points
Palaidan98ForagerTomb Raider achievementPalaidan98 won the Tomb Raider achievement in Forager for 40 points
Palaidan98Far Cry PrimalPalaidan98 won 3 Achievements in Far Cry Primal for 74 points
Palaidan98Void BastardsPalaidan98 won 3 Achievements in Void Bastards for 38 points
Palaidan98Void BastardsPalaidan98 started the game Void Bastards
Palaidan98ForagerPalaidan98 won 2 Achievements in Forager for 42 points
Palaidan98ForagerRoyal achievementPalaidan98 won the Royal achievement in Forager for 22 points
Palaidan98ForagerGemologist achievementPalaidan98 won the Gemologist achievement in Forager for 20 points
Palaidan98ForagerPalaidan98 started the game Forager
Palaidan98Far Cry PrimalPalaidan98 won 2 Achievements in Far Cry Primal for 43 points

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