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I like how I pay 60$ a year for Xbox LIVE and have tons of ads on my dash. psn is free and no ads. huh.

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Idiotic 343 and the greed of the industry.
Let me start by saying I'm a huge Halo Universe fan. I have ever single game as well as 8 of the books and several of the toys. Now let me continue by saying Halo 4 is shit and represents the gaming industry shooting itself in the foot.
The gaming industry is still young. it may have started 40 years ago but it took a good 20 years for it to gain any ground. That being said it would be in their best interest to not let their greed get the better of them. Unfortunately these companies are run by humans and increasingly so by stupid humans. We've all complained about EA's stupidity when it comes to shutting down servers, online passes, and gratuitous DLC's that cost too much for nothing. More and more game companies have been hopping on that train lately and requiring online passes as well as pre-order bonuses and day-one dlc's that restrict full content from anyone who doesn't get it.
The latest incident of greed in Halo 4 is the Specializations in the multiplayer. Think of these as additional perks and prestiging at the same time. you can't level beyond your level without picking a specialization which means all of your xp is for not. unless you purchased the very limited Limited Edition copy of the game then you only get two of these specializations. 343 said they would email the code to unlock the rest of these to anyone who played the game before the 20th of November. they said to be releasing these codes between the 24th and 30th of November. while some people are reporting they have the codes there are still a great number who have not. but that's not hardly the point. the point is all the people who purchased this game have just been told to fuck off. anyone that gets it for Christmas is under the mercy of 343 and it's wrong. it's wrong to limit aspects of the game to those whom you chose because they gave you more money for the game and then limited how many people could actually do that. it sickens me that they would do something like this to their customers.
I understand that game companies are under a deadline to get their games out but they need to get their priorities straight. Graphics are pretty, I like graphics just like everyone else, but they aren't everything. anyone who buy's a game because it has good graphics is buying a game for the wrong reason. anyone who doesn't buy a game because they don't think it has good graphics doesn't deserve that game. The industry and it's customers think graphics are the future and graphics make games great but they really simply don't. Halo 4 has amazing graphics. the cut scenes are incredible and beautiful. but it doesn't matter. they sold us an unfinished game. Forge doesn't work properly, kill cams are garbage (it shows someone shooting a wall while you die), matchmaking is atrocious and the join game feature is broken. Spartan ops and campaign both lag when you play online and matchmaking does on occasion as well. there are all sorts of glitches and problems that you can find in the game and quite simply they shouldn't be there. I understand that a great majority of games all come with glitches but game makers are now lazy about it. they know they can release the game and just patch it later and it's getting old. I'm tired of buying broken games only to have them test it on us to fix it later.
Halo 4 has moved it's name backwards. Reach improved upon forge vastly and made it a great medium to build in. 4's has disappointing maps at best and features that you would think would be simple don't work. magnets don't work properly and timed item spawns don't work at all. not to mention it will delete chunks of the map as it sees fit. 3 and Reach had amazing customization options. in Reach we made insane custom games that wouldn't be possible in any other game. we had firefight which had tons of variations and massive control over custom types that we could create and play ourselves. 4 removed firefight in favor of Spartan Ops. Spartan Ops are atrocious. They are recycled from campaign with hardly a change and are painstakingly repetitive. they offer nothing new and are a weak attempt to keep us playing by releasing one "Chapter" of the same shit per week and then at the end of that cycle giving us a map pack while the game itself is still unfinished.
All in all Halo 4 could have been fantastic. The campaign was deep, the multiplayer kind of innovative, Spartan Ops total rubbish. Once you get over the honey moon phase and look past the glit and glam Halo 4 lets down more than it excites. Greed and laziness caused 343 to not do the best job they could and release an unfinished, broken let down that makes me sad to have ever purchased it.
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