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ParadaimiXAragami 2ParadaimiX won 2 Achievements in Aragami 2 for 24 points
ParadaimiXAragami 2Awakening achievementParadaimiX won the Awakening achievement in Aragami 2 for 10 points
ParadaimiXAragami 2
            Secret AchievementParadaimiX won the Secret Achievement in Aragami 2 for 13 points
ParadaimiXAragami 2ParadaimiX started the game Aragami 2
Maka91FlaskomanMaka91 completed the game Flaskoman and is the 1,238th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by RiIey at 06:13 on 23 Sep 2021

Rather enjoyable platformer would you say?

Comment by Maka91 at 16:44 on 23 Sep 2021

It's above average for easy gamerscore baby games.

Comment by RiIey at 19:23 on 23 Sep 2021

😂 🔥

Maka91FlaskomanMaka91 has rated the game Flaskoman 2.5 out of 5
Maka91FlaskomanMaka91 won 10 Achievements in Flaskoman for 1007 points
Maka91FlaskomanViolet liquid achievementMaka91 won the Violet liquid achievement in Flaskoman for 101 points
Maka91FlaskomanSmall present achievementMaka91 won the Small present achievement in Flaskoman for 101 points
Maka91FlaskomanBlue liquid achievementMaka91 won the Blue liquid achievement in Flaskoman for 101 points
Maka91FlaskomanThe lever achievementMaka91 won the The lever achievement in Flaskoman for 100 points
Maka91FlaskomanRed liquid achievementMaka91 won the Red liquid achievement in Flaskoman for 100 points
Maka91FlaskomanGear achievementMaka91 won the Gear achievement in Flaskoman for 100 points
Maka91FlaskomanFor Science! achievementMaka91 won the For Science! achievement in Flaskoman for 100 points
Maka91FlaskomanMaka91 started the game Flaskoman
Maka91DiRT Rally 2.0Maka91 won 2 Achievements in DiRT Rally 2.0 for 319 points
Maka91DiRT Rally 2.0Maka91 completed the game DiRT Rally 2.0 and is the 253rd gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by Maka91 at 01:29 on 22 Sep 2021

damn, that feels good.

Comment by ATCS at 01:39 on 22 Sep 2021

Let’s bring back hearty completions. Enough of this 5 minute garbage.

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Maka91Life is Strange: True ColorsMaka91 completed the game Life is Strange: True Colors and is the 889th gamer on the site to complete it
Maka91LakeMaka91 has rated the game Lake 3.5 out of 5
Comment by I KAZAR I at 17:36 on 20 Sep 2021

You would recommend it?

Maka91CraftopiaMaka91 completed the game Craftopia and is the 248th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by DmCTHREE6 at 19:19 on 19 Sep 2021

Wow, that was quick. Will this game get an achievement walkthrough?

Comment by ATCS at 00:38 on 20 Sep 2021

It’s quick if you have a friend help you get the boss kills and world unlocks. About 30 hours solo.

Comment by McTennisD at 01:47 on 20 Sep 2021

I am stuck playing solo but can’t do much in hell islands yet, need a couple bosses too

Maka91Craftopia Maka91 won 28 Achievements in Craftopia for 3239 points
Maka91CraftopiaUsurpation achievementMaka91 won the Usurpation achievement in Craftopia for 98 points
Comment by TeslaLovat1c at 05:01 on 19 Sep 2021

Ooh are you making a world to do the boss kills?

Comment by Maka91 at 05:11 on 19 Sep 2021

No, just have some friends helping me out.

Comment by TeslaLovat1c at 05:23 on 19 Sep 2021

Dang…. lucky 🤣

Maka91CraftopiaUrsicide achievementMaka91 won the Ursicide achievement in Craftopia for 33 points
Maka91CraftopiaFeRocious Miner achievementMaka91 won the FeRocious Miner achievement in Craftopia for 174 points
Maka91CraftopiaThe Beginning of Industrialization achievementMaka91 won the The Beginning of Industrialization achievement in Craftopia for 116 points
Comment by Captain Vize at 11:40 on 19 Sep 2021

Are you making a guide or is it just fairly easy too complete?

Comment by Maka91 at 17:46 on 19 Sep 2021

It's kinda like minecraft, where if you have friends how can drop you stuff in their world, it can be done in a few hours. Otherwise, it's not easy at all.

Maka91CraftopiaMaka91 started the game Craftopia
Maka91DiRT Rally 2.0Launch Event achievementMaka91 won the Launch Event achievement in DiRT Rally 2.0 for 53 points
Comment by lzlTannoki at 17:03 on 17 Sep 2021

Ayyyyyy congrats!!

Comment by Maka91 at 21:16 on 17 Sep 2021

Thanks! Was tough.

Maka91SkateBIRDMaka91 has rated the game SkateBIRD 1.5 out of 5
Comment by Ultramarine360 at 01:32 on 17 Sep 2021

Oh dear. Why?

Comment by reforc3 at 01:34 on 17 Sep 2021

It needs some skill to get used to the controls, but is most relaxing than a high speed sports game, though.

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Maka91SkateBIRD Maka91 won 3 Achievements in SkateBIRD for 786 points
Maka91SkateBIRDThey Worried You Were Lost achievementMaka91 won the They Worried You Were Lost achievement in SkateBIRD for 301 points
Comment by RiIey at 23:20 on 16 Sep 2021

Thinking about goofing this a shot, how do you like it?

Comment by ATCS at 00:57 on 17 Sep 2021

It’s the worst game ever.

Comment by Maka91 at 01:26 on 17 Sep 2021

It's really bad.

Maka91 has started broadcasting Skatebird on their twitch channel at 23:05 on 16 Sep 2021twitchSkateBIRDMaka91 has started broadcasting SkateBIRD on their twitch channel
Maka91SkateBIRDMaka91 started the game SkateBIRD
Maka91Maka91 has reached a new milestone: 1,330,000 TrueAchievement Score
Comment by CatDad#6128 at 06:50 on 15 Sep 2021

Congratulations on your milestones!

Maka91Maka91 has reached a new milestone: 640 Completed Games
Comment by CorleoneGang at 15:14 on 17 Sep 2021

Big Baller Brand!

Maka91From Earth to HeavenMaka91 completed the game From Earth to Heaven and is the 767th gamer on the site to complete it
Maka91OrbibotMaka91 completed the game Orbibot and is the 1,692nd gamer on the site to complete it
Maka91Completed GamesMaka91 achieved their Completed Games Goal - 640 by 01 Jan 2022
Maka91From Earth to HeavenMaka91 started the game From Earth to Heaven
Maka91OrbibotMaka91 won 14 Achievements in Orbibot for 1042 points
Maka91OrbibotI will prevail achievementMaka91 won the I will prevail achievement in Orbibot for 76 points
Maka91Orbibot321 achievementMaka91 won the 321 achievement in Orbibot for 97 points
Maka91OrbibotImposters achievementMaka91 won the Imposters achievement in Orbibot for 74 points
Maka91OrbibotCat collector achievementMaka91 won the Cat collector achievement in Orbibot for 76 points
Maka91OrbibotDoors achievementMaka91 won the Doors achievement in Orbibot for 73 points
Maka91OrbibotStart achievementMaka91 won the Start achievement in Orbibot for 70 points
Maka91OrbibotFirst cat achievementMaka91 won the First cat achievement in Orbibot for 73 points
Maka91OrbibotBarrel hater achievementMaka91 won the Barrel hater achievement in Orbibot for 72 points
Maka91OrbibotIn the middle achievementMaka91 won the In the middle achievement in Orbibot for 71 points
Maka91OrbibotUn-Boxing achievementMaka91 won the Un-Boxing achievement in Orbibot for 72 points
Maka91OrbibotCoincidence? achievementMaka91 won the Coincidence? achievement in Orbibot for 72 points
Maka91OrbibotBox hater achievementMaka91 won the Box hater achievement in Orbibot for 73 points
Maka91OrbibotMaka91 started the game Orbibot
Maka91DiRT Rally 2.0Season FourMaka91 started the Season Four DLC for DiRT Rally 2.0
Maka91DIRT 5Wild SpiritsMaka91 completed the Wild Spirits DLC for DIRT 5
Maka91DIRT 5Maka91 won 3 Achievements in DIRT 5 for 534 points
Maka91DIRT 5That's the Spirit! achievementMaka91 won the That's the Spirit! achievement in DIRT 5 for 350 points
Maka91DIRT 5The Grand Finale achievementMaka91 won the The Grand Finale achievement in DIRT 5 for 120 points
ParadaimiXPsychonauts 2TK-O achievementParadaimiX won the TK-O achievement in Psychonauts 2 for 16 points
ParadaimiXPsychonauts 2ParadaimiX started the game Psychonauts 2
ParadaimiXLIMBOParadaimiX won 2 Achievements in LIMBO for 159 points
ParadaimiXLIMBOParadaimiX started the game LIMBO
ParadaimiXDark AllianceParadaimiX started the game Dark Alliance
ParadaimiXAnniversaryParadaimiX is celebrating their 1-year anniversary of joining
ParadaimiXParadaimiX has reached a new milestone: 5,750 Achievements Won
ParadaimiXDIRT 5ParadaimiX won 2 Achievements in DIRT 5 for 27 points
ParadaimiXDIRT 5ParadaimiX started the game DIRT 5
ParadaimiXManeaterParadaimiX won 2 Achievements in Maneater for 41 points
ParadaimiXManeaterParadaimiX started the game Maneater
ParadaimiXParadaimiX has reached a new milestone: 375 Games Played
ParadaimiXElite: DangerousParadaimiX started the game Elite: Dangerous

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