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smrnovHyposphere: Rebirthsmrnov won 5 Achievements in Hyposphere: Rebirth for 126 points
smrnovHyposphere: Rebirthsmrnov started the game Hyposphere: Rebirth
smrnovsmrnov has reached a new milestone: 2,875 Completed Games
smrnovRabisco+smrnov completed the game Rabisco+ and is the 598th gamer on the site to complete it
smrnovRabisco+smrnov won 12 Achievements in Rabisco+ for 1051 points
smrnovRabisco+They shine achievementsmrnov won the They shine achievement in Rabisco+ for 86 points
smrnovRabisco+Colorful achievementsmrnov won the Colorful achievement in Rabisco+ for 87 points
smrnovRabisco+Blue world 50% achievementsmrnov won the Blue world 50% achievement in Rabisco+ for 82 points
smrnovRabisco+Grey world 50% achievementsmrnov won the Grey world 50% achievement in Rabisco+ for 80 points
smrnovRabisco+How to walk achievementsmrnov won the How to walk achievement in Rabisco+ for 100 points
smrnovRabisco+smrnov started the game Rabisco+
Conor x420aSecond ExtinctionConor x420a won 2 Achievements in Second Extinction for 535 points
Pigimus Prime50 Years (Win 10)Pigimus Prime completed the game 50 Years (Win 10) and is the 518th gamer on the site to complete it
Maka91Maka91 has reached a new milestone: 605 Completed Games
Comment by DeathHunts#9248 at 06:43 on 18 May 2021

Smashing it as always dude! Well done.

Comment by marknocturnal at 14:47 on 18 May 2021

Damn that's over 100 more than my total games PLAYED. Congrats!

Maka91Crime Opera: The Butterfly EffectMaka91 completed the game Crime Opera: The Butterfly Effect and is the 1,429th gamer on the site to complete it
Emerald AxerRain on Your ParadeEmerald Axer completed the game Rain on Your Parade and is the 3,126th gamer on the site to complete it
smrnovSaints Row (DE)Pusher achievementsmrnov won the Pusher achievement in Saints Row (DE) for 28 points
IrishWarrior022Rising HellIrishWarrior022 started the game Rising Hell
Emerald AxerEmerald Axer has reached a new milestone: 43,500 Achievements Won
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TrueAchievement in All Games 17,276 View history chart 632,430 2.73
Achievements Won in All Games 11,281 View history chart 632,430 1.78
GamerScore in All Games 8,224 View history chart 632,428 1.30
TA Ratio in All Games 601,515 View history chart 613,522 98.04
GamerScore in Platformer Games 9,870 View history chart 578,328 1.71
TrueAchievement in Action-RPG Games 44,137 View history chart 572,187 7.71
TrueAchievement in Racing Games 20,157 View history chart 572,005 3.52
GamerScore in Racing Games 12,136 View history chart 572,005 2.12
GamerScore in Xbox One Games 18,210 View history chart 561,473 3.24
TrueAchievement in Dungeon Crawler Games 243,317 View history chart 544,543 44.68
TrueAchievement in Collection Games 42,716 View history chart 526,031 8.12
TrueAchievement in Arcade Racing Games 14,957 View history chart 513,936 2.91
TrueAchievement in Hack & Slash Games 35,498 View history chart 512,133 6.93
TrueAchievement in Beat 'em up Games 27,835 View history chart 503,983 5.52
TrueAchievement in Fighting Games 18,375 View history chart 487,793 3.77
TrueAchievement in Adventure Games 14,564 View history chart 461,695 3.15
Completed Games in All Games 7,562 View history chart 454,538 1.66
TrueAchievement in Metroidvania Games 143,221 View history chart 446,930 32.05
TrueAchievement in Action Games 6,182 View history chart 421,535 1.47
TrueAchievement in MMO Games 324,652 View history chart 421,493 77.02

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