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Xbox One First Impressions
So I saved up some Amazon gift cards, cashed in Bing Reward points and Swagbucks and got $270 in Amazon Gift cards total to use over Black Friday weekend. And even though Microsoft store had much better deals on Xbox One than Amazon, I decided to purchase on Amazon since I had $270 that I didn't have to come out of pocket. Paid about $377.xx minus my $270 in gift cards which came out to roughly $107 out of pocket for the 3 Game Holiday Bundle with 1T HDD. In contrast, Microsoft store had the same bundle for the exact same price, but you also got an additional game (Assassin's Creed Unity, Sunset Overdrive, or Rare Replay which is dumb because Rare Replay is included with the Bundle) and $60 Microsoft Gift Card. However, that meant paying full $377 out of pocket so I passed on that deal.

Setting up the console. Very easy and intuitive. Plug in a few wires, hit the "guide" button on the controler and it comes on. There's no clearly labeled "power" button on the console itself, so someone new to Xbox may have to check the manual in order to power it on. Start up is a breeze and very user friendly. Right off the bat once you're connected to Xbox Live you get a message that you have to do an update which is about 1.1G in size. Depending on your network, this may take a while. For me, the download was quick (about 6MB/s until I hit 75% then it slowed to a crawl of about 0.5MB/s not sure if that's my ISP throttling me or on the Xbox Live service side). So finally after about 15 mins, I'm in! Pop-in Gears of War in the disc slot and it starts installing at a certain point I'm told I also need to download a patch that is 5.4G in size. Now, you're able to start playing a game before it's fully installed but not sure if the patch needed to be installed first (I had to log back in to work before I could tell if I could play the game or not). Bottom line: set up is a breeze but the patches and installs eat up A LOT of time. Plus, most ISP's have a data cap each month (Cox sends me a courtesy e-mail each time I use more than 300G in a month telling me I exceeded my limit and if I continue to do so they will need to look at increasing my plan which means higher payment).

The nice thing is, Xbox One apparently is linked with my Xbox 360 purchase information, because any Xbox 360 games that are backwards compatible I can see and download to Xbox One which is neat. The only thing I have to do is make sure I log into my Xbox 360 and copy saved progress files from HDD to the Cloud Drive which will allow me to play those games on Xbox One and access the saved progress in them.

I also have a Turtle Beach Ear Force X42 wireless headset hooked up to my Xbox 360 and TV. All I did is unplugged the USB for the receiver from my Xbox 360 and plugged it into Xbox One and it works! Not sure if the mic works though since I don't do a whole lot of Multiplayer at this time.

The start up screen is taking some getting used to. In order for Xbox One to really be practical, you basically have to pin tiles of apps and games you use most otherwise you'll be doing a lot of searching. I qued up all the Games with Live titles in my que to download and it's taken about 4 hours to download 10 of them. AGAIN, someone with slow internet speed and/or low data cap, this would be a HUGE problem. After a while, I also got a message that I need to update my controller...great, another 5 minute update and it's back to the main screen. Even though I have enough games downloaded, I haven't booted anyone of them up yet and will update the blog once I have actually played anything.
Posted by Patriot65108 on 03 December 15 at 01:21 | There are no comments on this blog - Please log in to comment on this blog.

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Comment by KashThePriest at 23:58 on 23 Feb 2017

This dlc long?

Comment by REB3L at 00:06 on 24 Feb 2017

Well it took a couple of months!

Comment by REB3L at 00:07 on 24 Feb 2017

And a very good, dedicated group of fellow boosters - big shout out for all the help!

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Comment by PiCkLE SQU1D at 21:10 on 23 Feb 2017

I watch Flash, Legends, Arrow & SPN. What else is there?

Comment by Rabb1t Rogu3 at 21:18 on 23 Feb 2017


Comment by mfeforever at 00:50 on 24 Feb 2017

There are two prime time shows every night, except Sunday. Check your local listings. I do not believe iZombie is one of them currently.

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Comment by Slayers Reign at 19:05 on 23 Feb 2017

Hook up a teammate. wink

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Comment by DeathGuard 123 at 12:05 on 23 Feb 2017

That's strange it says we have 105 on this one but 102/103 on the site wide one.

Comment by Kinkii Mono at 16:21 on 23 Feb 2017

I'm pretty sure one counts apps and the others don't. 2x VoiceStudio + PlayFit, I miss the VoiceStudio from XB1

Comment by spegelbilder at 19:28 on 23 Feb 2017


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Woot! Only 20 days behind my current streak :P

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