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PeAchyLe4House FlipperPeAchyLe4 won 5 Achievements in House Flipper for 322 points
PeAchyLe4House FlipperGardenPeAchyLe4 started the Garden DLC for House Flipper
AJBowieXIIIAJBowie completed the game XIII and is the 100th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by AJBowie at 23:51 on 18 Apr 2021

Well that was a horrible, glitchy, bug infested, laggy, mess of a port. I had great memories of the original, which have completely been eroded by this trash!

Comment by Jezza69 at 08:30 on 19 Apr 2021

Ah....I was looking forward to this.

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AJBowieXIIIAJBowie won 11 Achievements in XIII for 1164 points
AJBowieXIIIUltimate XIII achievementAJBowie won the Ultimate XIII achievement in XIII for 282 points
AJBowieXIIIUntouchable achievementAJBowie won the Untouchable achievement in XIII for 121 points
AJBowieXIIIGet to the choppa achievementAJBowie won the Get to the choppa achievement in XIII for 51 points
AJBowieXIIINow I understand achievementAJBowie won the Now I understand achievement in XIII for 147 points
AJBowieXIIICatch them all! achievementAJBowie won the Catch them all! achievement in XIII for 149 points
AJBowieXIIIPacifist achievementAJBowie won the Pacifist achievement in XIII for 61 points
AJBowieXIIISpring break! achievementAJBowie won the Spring break! achievement in XIII for 45 points
AJBowieXIIIThat was easy! achievementAJBowie won the That was easy! achievement in XIII for 50 points
AJBowieXIIIMade it! achievementAJBowie won the Made it! achievement in XIII for 65 points
AJBowieXIIIAJBowie won 27 Achievements in XIII for 1101 points
AJBowieXIIII know too much! achievementAJBowie won the I know too much! achievement in XIII for 57 points
AJBowieXIIILast Word achievementAJBowie won the Last Word achievement in XIII for 62 points
AJBowieXIIITough Guy achievementAJBowie won the Tough Guy achievement in XIII for 29 points
AJBowieXIIIPrivate Eye! achievementAJBowie won the Private Eye! achievement in XIII for 54 points
AJBowieXIIIGet good achievementAJBowie won the Get good achievement in XIII for 38 points
AJBowieXIIIExpert Pilot achievementAJBowie won the Expert Pilot achievement in XIII for 17 points
AJBowieXIIIHard to Kill achievementAJBowie won the Hard to Kill achievement in XIII for 32 points
AJBowieXIIIStealth Master achievementAJBowie won the Stealth Master achievement in XIII for 38 points
AJBowieXIIIFinish Him achievementAJBowie won the Finish Him achievement in XIII for 85 points
AJBowieXIIIMonster kill achievementAJBowie won the Monster kill achievement in XIII for 67 points
AJBowieXIIIBoom! All dead! achievementAJBowie won the Boom! All dead! achievement in XIII for 39 points
AJBowieXIIISniper Expert achievementAJBowie won the Sniper Expert achievement in XIII for 35 points
AJBowieXIIII am a tank now! achievementAJBowie won the I am a tank now! achievement in XIII for 13 points
AJBowieXIIIInvincible achievementAJBowie won the Invincible achievement in XIII for 31 points
AJBowieXIIIJoin the Creed achievementAJBowie won the Join the Creed achievement in XIII for 68 points
AJBowieXIIISting like a bee achievementAJBowie won the Sting like a bee achievement in XIII for 36 points
AJBowieXIIIAuthentic Cowboy achievementAJBowie won the Authentic Cowboy achievement in XIII for 110 points
AJBowieXIIIMedic! achievementAJBowie won the Medic! achievement in XIII for 26 points
AJBowieXIIIHeadhunter achievementAJBowie won the Headhunter achievement in XIII for 37 points
AJBowieXIIIBar Fighter achievementAJBowie won the Bar Fighter achievement in XIII for 39 points
AJBowieXIIIOpen sesame achievementAJBowie won the Open sesame achievement in XIII for 31 points
AJBowieXIIIAJBowie won 2 Achievements in XIII for 21 points
AJBowieXIIITreasure Found! achievementAJBowie won the Treasure Found! achievement in XIII for 11 points
AJBowieXIIIPass Out achievementAJBowie won the Pass Out achievement in XIII for 10 points
AJBowieXIIIAJBowie started the game XIII
Sera Di SiahOutridersSera Di Siah completed the game Outriders and is the 1,096th gamer on the site to complete it
Sera Di SiahOutridersSera Di Siah won 2 Achievements in Outriders for 257 points
Sera Di SiahOutriders Sera Di Siah won 5 Achievements in Outriders for 191 points
Sera Di SiahOutridersFatherhood Ain't Easy, Boss achievementSera Di Siah won the Fatherhood Ain't Easy, Boss achievement in Outriders for 31 points
Comment by Sera Di Siah at 13:13 on 10 Apr 2021

The writing in this game is so damn bad, I don't know which scrub wrote this pathetic trash but I sure hope future DLC is better, what a load of cringy shit

Sera Di SiahOutridersSera Di Siah won 4 Achievements in Outriders for 90 points
Sera Di SiahOutridersSera Di Siah has rated the game Outriders 0.5 out of 5
Comment by Sera Di Siah at 10:51 on 05 Apr 2021

Where do we begin? Some games have bad writing but good voice acting makes up for it. Other games have good writing but some bottom of the barrel actor ruins the >>

Comment by Sera Di Siah at 10:52 on 05 Apr 2021

>> immersion, and this game is a double whammy. Garbage dialogue and garbage voice acting. Gunplay is very mediocre, world building is trash. Oh and constant server lags

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AJBowieAJBowie has reached a new milestone: Completion Percentage of 98%
Sera Di SiahOutridersSera Di Siah won 4 Achievements in Outriders for 69 points
Sera Di SiahOutridersSera Di Siah started the game Outriders
Comment by Sera Di Siah at 19:01 on 04 Apr 2021

Didn't even launch it? Downloaded it and Beta progress is popping stuff? Can't be worse than Empire of Sin... another backlog piece of shit that's never getting finished

AJBowieAJBowie has reached a new milestone: 820,000 GamerScore
AJBowieThe Food Run (Win 10)AJBowie completed the game The Food Run (Win 10) and is the 16th gamer on the site to complete it

                Status change by Sera Di Siah at 13:15 on 30 Mar 2021Sera Di Siah status: Lejy
Comment by Sera Di Siah at 13:16 on 30 Mar 2021

That's really fucked up, 1,2 million GS and so many impressive completions just gone because of a shitty glitch that could happen to anyone

Comment by Gutsy Goddess at 13:17 on 30 Mar 2021

What about him?

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PeAchyLe4Saints Row IVPeAchyLe4 won 2 Achievements in Saints Row IV for 71 points
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