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Evolution of my gaming life
When I first joined the Xbox community in early 2012, I mainly did it to join some of my friends. At that time, I was playing pretty much only sport-related games (including wrestling and racing) which, at the time, was plenty enough. Then, somewhere in time, I got introduced to a game named 'The Saboteur', which was way off my gaming style. Let's say the change in scenery was worth it. I moved not that long after to Xbox One. It marked the change in an era of gaming for me. But I was still not an avid achievement hunter and wasn't playing a lot of different games. Then 2016 happened. At the start of 2016, my personal life was in turmoil, job issues and all, so the escape was gaming and I started to play a lot more than I used to. Even though my life got back in order, the ton of gaming time has not left. And so the achievement hunting picked up the pace starting in march of 2016.

January 2012- February 2016 = 93,415 G in 50 months (1868 and change per month)

Since March 2016, I started also to play a lot more GwG, which helped accentuate the growth of my gaming repertoire (and also gamerscore).

March 2016- July 2018 = 158,760 G in 29 months (5474 and change per month)

It's almost 3 times more than before. And I seem to actually go even hungrier in gamerscore some months. Per example, January of this year was the first time I got over 9k in a month and I got 12k. Compared to the leaderboard frontrunners, I'm not even close whatsoever and it is not the goal. This month's rate is getting along that line as well. But before 2016, a good month was 3k; now it is not so good. And I actually am happier than ever in my life so, in all fairness, all is great.

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