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Hello everyone, this is PineConeKiller.

Yup, I play video games. However, these days I am in pilot school and traveling the world as much as I can before I settle down. I don't get as much time to play as I used to back in the high school days, which has changed my approach to gaming and achievement hunting. I bought a lot of games when I was younger, and while I was always going after achievements, I only rarely got 100% games. But I did have a completion percentage around 70-75%. These days, I buy only games I really am truly excited for, and outside of that am going back completing all the achievements I never was able to. My goal is 90% completion this year!

Favorite Game?

I have to put this into three separate categories:

Childhood Game: Banjo Kazooie. If I had to answer my overall favorite game, this would be it. I count Banjo Tooie in this as well. I'm one of the dreamers hoping for the Banjo Threeie announcement yearly. Because of this game I love to play any 3D open world platformers that hit the Xbox scene.

OSRS: Yeah, this happened. On the PC I put thousands of hours into old school runescape. Maxed the account and became the rank one completionist in the game. I'm not proud of it, but it did teach me a lot of patients for Xbox achievement grinding and even real life. You play OSRS? Hit me up - my RSN is The Buffalo

Modern Era Games: Well, RDR2 will probably take this on release. I love open world games. So Skyrim, RDR1, The Crew and Yooka Laylee have really been some of my favorites. Sea of Thieves right now is my current favorite, just haven't had the time to play it a lot.
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