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I am officially hanging my hat up on blogging, at least on this website. I have lost the desire to do it and I was hoping it would come back but it has not. There are a few reasons behind my decision but the main one is that I have been slowly losing my desire to play Xbox in general. I don't mean that I won't be playing Xbox 360 anymore, I still have a shit load of games and they will take hours to beat.

So why would I being abandoning Xbox when I have spent so much time on getting achievements? Few reasons behind that as well. First of all the only reason I got into Xbox 360 in the 1st place was because of my friend Tyrell. He was my best friend and we hung out all the time. He got a 360, so I got one as well so I could play with him online and we could trade games. I did not he even look at what PS3 had to offer because it didn't have Tyrell and that was a key selling point beyond anything else. Anyway he passed away about 4 years ago. I miss him to this day and still think of him when playing games that I know we would have played together. But with him gone, that bond to the 360 is as well.

You may be saying to yourself that that was 4 years ago and you have still been strong on playing the 360. Which is true, I have been. If not for the new consoles I may still have had my head in the 360 clouds. As I have heard more and more of the new systems though, I began to doubt Xbox. So I decided to check out what I have been missing on the PS3. A lot of people may be saying not much but actually there is a fair bit. Most of that bit happens to be in my favorite genre too. I love me some RPG's and PS3 has quite the collection. Maybe not a huge amount but enough to make me question what console has the exclusives that I would really want to be playing. From what I can tell, that console is the PS3.

So the question comes to what next gen console will I be getting? Can't answer that honestly and lucky for me I don't have to. I will not be buying a PS4 or an Xbox One for at least a year. I still feel too "iffy" on choosing between the 2, but the Xbox One has some shit I just don't like. Being punished for swearing online, Kinect always being on and adding achievements on the fly. All of these sound dumb to me, but what really pisses me off is the so called "Challenges". I mean yes some of them may actually be a challenge but being rewarded for playing the game in the 1st month of release? That's idiotic. Anyway in a month I get my taxes. What am I going to do with my money? Buy a Wii U and some PS3 RPG's! Yes I could get a PS4 or an Xbox One but I am CHOOSING not to.

Thanks to everyone who has followed my blog! I had a fun time but now its' over. I may start one up on true trophies. Maybe play Star Ocean International! LMAO!

I am Pip the Unholy and it's been real!

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Comment by BLYAST at 07:18 on 19 Jan 2020

Crushin games

Comment by iceyz at 07:21 on 19 Jan 2020

Feels good to have that one done. 70 hours. Goodness.

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Comment by iceyz at 07:10 on 19 Jan 2020

Final boss was a tough bastard. Took me 6 tries to beat her.


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Comment by iceyz at 19:51 on 17 Jan 2020

About to hit level 1000. I don't think I will ever get 100 troops to gold elite level though...

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Comment by BLYAST at 08:14 on 15 Jan 2020


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                Status change by xLsWx at 09:34 on 14 Jan 2020xLsWx status: Really interesting rumours about the Series X atm. STEAM and Epic games playable via windows mode
Comment by Reaver Lion at 13:32 on 14 Jan 2020

load of shit next it will a pc oh wait

Comment by xLsWx at 18:33 on 14 Jan 2020

tbf I don't actually think its a bad idea - and a vision they have been pushing for ten years, console and pc gaming together - can only be a good thing surely?

Comment by Watty8883 at 21:33 on 14 Jan 2020

VR porn with achievements and it will have my attention shock

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Comment by BLYAST at 06:29 on 14 Jan 2020

Crushed it

Comment by iceyz at 20:11 on 14 Jan 2020

Still got like 6 more hours to go in it though.


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