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DTI PlayerOne won 65 Achievements in 7 games, for a total of 1,634 TrueAchievement points (870 Gamer


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Maka91A Plague Tale: RequiemMaka91 won 2 Achievements in A Plague Tale: Requiem for 40 points
Maka91A Plague Tale: RequiemMaka91 started the game A Plague Tale: Requiem
Comment by SiegfriedX at 03:40 on 07 Oct 2022

Awesome! I sense some day one guides coming out. Now I have to get this downloaded before release rock

Comment by Maka91 at 03:58 on 07 Oct 2022


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Maka91Overwatch 2AsheMaka91 completed the Ashe DLC for Overwatch 2
Maka91Overwatch 2Served Up achievementMaka91 won the Served Up achievement in Overwatch 2 for 52 points
xhannaaaBorderlands 3xhannaaa won 2 Achievements in Borderlands 3 for 50 points
Maka91Overwatch 2OrisaMaka91 started the Orisa DLC for Overwatch 2
Chris1984ukLeap FrogChris1984uk has just croaked out of Leap Frog
Comment by Chris1984uk at 17:27 on 06 Oct 2022

Oh shit

DaeryoonAnniversaryDaeryoon is celebrating their 11-year anniversary of joining
Maka91Overwatch 2Maka91 won 4 Achievements in Overwatch 2 for 331 points
Maka91Overwatch 2AsheMaka91 started the Ashe DLC for Overwatch 2
Maka91Overwatch 2MoiraMaka91 completed the Moira DLC for Overwatch 2
MoonpirFall GuysMoonpir won 2 Achievements in Fall Guys for 97 points
MoonpirFall GuysShow Off achievementMoonpir won the Show Off achievement in Fall Guys for 26 points
Maka91Overwatch 2MoiraMaka91 started the Moira DLC for Overwatch 2
Maka91Overwatch 2Junker QueenMaka91 started the Junker Queen DLC for Overwatch 2
DimitriAnniversaryDimitri is celebrating their birthday today!
Comment by Omfamna at 00:51 on 05 Oct 2022

Happy Birthday!

Comment by System of a Dom at 08:01 on 05 Oct 2022


Maka91Microsoft Flight Simulator Maka91 won 2 Achievements in Microsoft Flight Simulator for 442 points
Maka91Microsoft Flight SimulatorCentury Club achievementMaka91 won the Century Club achievement in Microsoft Flight Simulator for 218 points
Comment by MAIZCORN at 21:50 on 04 Oct 2022

I thought you said that you might as well learn to fly a real plane! lol

Comment by Maka91 at 23:41 on 04 Oct 2022

Think of it as training in case of an emergency :p

MoonpirSaints RowMoonpir won 2 Achievements in Saints Row for 32 points
MoonpirLet's Build a ZooMoonpir won 3 Achievements in Let's Build a Zoo for 64 points
Chris1984ukSaints RowChris1984uk won 6 Achievements in Saints Row for 516 points
MoonpirLet's Build a ZooMoonpir started the game Let's Build a Zoo
Chris1984ukLeap FrogChris1984uk registered for the Leap Frog event
MoonpirRisk of Rain 2Moonpir won 2 Achievements in Risk of Rain 2 for 127 points
MoonpirFall GuysMoonpir won 3 Achievements in Fall Guys for 345 points
DaeryoonMushroom SaviorDaeryoon won 3 Achievements in Mushroom Savior for 927 points
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