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On 29 November 2016 I post my goal for 2017.
Poia's blog post - My goal for 2017!

In short, play to have fun and not to boost achievements
As far as I'm concerned, all these TA statistics have made me lose sight of the principle purpose of a game: entertain, have fun, enjoying a beautiful story.

With Christmas at the doors (less than 2 months !!) or better, with SCORPIO at the doors (November 7th) I decided to check where my new philosophy brought me.

There was 41 games on my list:

I complete the story mode and maybe more of 14 games
I try out and drop 6 very bad games (IMHO)
6 games are still on my wishlist
11 games are on hold
2 games playing now
2 games I'll play them in November in 4K (HALO 5 - RE7)

I enjoyed many games that I would probably never have started if I continued working on my completion percentage.

Considering all the hours spent on games not in the list, like free to play, destiny 2 and other stuff, after almost a year I can say that the experiment has been successful, despite the malicious attempts of the PIPs to take me on the wrong path.
A special mention to MAGUZZOLO for dragging me in the madness pit of halo reach (DLC).
To the good KREVI for its infinite hordes, and to MIRALO that comes online only to make you play
games you already played (L4D2).


(For your joy... I will soon start an English class!! laugh )
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