Looking to boost for BF: Hardline kills and Star Wars Battlefront achievements!!


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Comment by Sighris at 02:41 on 02 Jul 2020

I love this game, wish they would add more achievements but Xbox support is minimal

InfamousWarfaceStriker Fury achievementInfamous won the Striker Fury achievement in Warface for 43 points
FOV1863Sea of ThievesFOV1863 won 2 Achievements in Sea of Thieves for 79 points
InfamousWarfaceInfamous started the game Warface
IReal ShowdownFar Cry 5IReal Showdown won 2 Achievements in Far Cry 5 for 82 points
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                  Summary available for Skaos3010 at 13:08 on 01 Jul 2020Skaos3010 earned 246 achievements in June 2020 for 8,255 Gamerscore worth 12,353 TA
Comment by Skaos3010 at 13:08 on 01 Jul 2020

Moving house and changing streaming platforms will do that to you lol...

KxRxUxExGxExRCoffee TalkKxRxUxExGxExR won 5 Achievements in Coffee Talk for 230 Gamerscore
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KxRxUxExGxExRCoffee TalkKxRxUxExGxExR started the game Coffee Talk
Comment by Swanny5150 at 06:32 on 02 Jul 2020

Exposing my age here...... But that title reminds me of the old SNL skit, Cawwwwfeeee Tawwwwwk. I

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