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The most incredible troll thread, and a weekend of Arcade annihilation
The fine art of trolling. Someone at Gamespot's system wars asked the Hermits (PC Fanboys) why there wasn't a 9.0+ scoring game exclusive to the PC since 1998. Now this same poster insisted upon separating out Macs and PCs so really - they were referring to Windows exclusives... Mods had to step in and say that Macs were PCs to resolve it. Still though, 623 posts in the thread. Commendable trolling to say the least.

I feel like doing some gaming this weekend. I think I'm going to try for some achievements within my arcade library.
Time Point - Achievements - %age - TA Score - GS - Ratio
Start of Weekend - 122/379 - 32% - 2,038/11,055 - 1685/6200 - 1.2096

I should really finish Batman Arkham City (PC), because once I have done then I can format my PC and install Windows 8.

Hope you guys are going well and found yourselves something in the summer of arcade.

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                Status change by Stallion83 at 17:54 on 30 May 2020Stallion83 status: It's a Saturday Live Stream! Playing a bunch of newer Xbox Indie games. Some light achievement hunting too, naturally
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Comment by Mav A Nice Day at 03:33 on 30 May 2020

Who'd you pick first? ODB or Ghostface?

Comment by cooper101183 at 13:46 on 30 May 2020


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