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My Completion Challenge 2020
Last year I made an attempt at Freamwhole's Completion Challenge 2019. I was doing well until I got to May, when I was told I was being made redundant, so ...

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Comment by Matrarch at 01:26 on 24 Jan 2020

Massive thanks to IronfistofSnuff!

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Comment by IronFistofSnuff at 00:28 on 24 Jan 2020

That's what I like to see! laugh

Comment by Matrarch at 00:58 on 24 Jan 2020

Thanks for getting me back around to this!

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                Status change by Reborn Insanity at 15:52 on 23 Jan 2020Reborn Insanity status: Finally hit a 1.8 ratio. Thank you site recalcs and new members! laugh
Comment by Fiatim at 16:23 on 23 Jan 2020

I'm getting some TA spikes from them. 7k so far.

Comment by RadiantViper at 17:02 on 23 Jan 2020

I'm up to 1.93 now, good lord ...

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                Status change by WebChimp UK at 15:24 on 23 Jan 2020WebChimp UK status: 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀
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                Status change by NoHeroes94 at 14:20 on 23 Jan 2020NoHeroes94 status: My mini gaming hiatus will be over Saturday, as I'll have handed in my thesis and finished my degree! Will celebrate with a new game...which idk!
Comment by NoHeroes94 at 14:21 on 23 Jan 2020

By "hiatus" I mean 1 1/2 weeks. What a loser I am haha.

Comment by Lucid Thief at 17:04 on 23 Jan 2020

Congrats on your degree!

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                Status change by ChewieOnIce at 12:24 on 23 Jan 2020ChewieOnIce status: The Great Go-Uppity of 2020 enters phase two!
Comment by Falensarano at 12:55 on 23 Jan 2020

I don’t want to play any easy games now for fear of losing my green badge! 🙈 (1.7)

Comment by Beanpotter at 13:22 on 23 Jan 2020

Go-Uppity's revenge: This time it's personal!

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                Status change by Epsilon Theta at 10:05 on 23 Jan 2020Epsilon Theta status: So, I love the Just Cause franchise. But after JC4, will likely not buy another title. Bugs screwed me out of some end-game achievements! cry
Comment by Epsilon Theta at 10:05 on 23 Jan 2020

And I can't spend another substantial amount of time on doing the game over again to get the remainder of the achievements. Really sad about this.

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                Status change by Lavindathar at 06:39 on 23 Jan 2020Lavindathar status: Dead by Daylight is my new fave game! Not had this much fun in ages. It’s also on game pass.
Comment by ChewieOnIce at 16:57 on 23 Jan 2020

I keep eyeing it up but the length and all the DLC scares me off

Comment by Lavindathar at 18:12 on 23 Jan 2020

It’s actually not that bad, despite it looking stupid long. And fun over achievements any day. I’m really enjoying it.

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