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No longer have this acc, started a new GT. Anyone want to play some GOW4?

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[Advice wanted] XB1 Elite Controller
Hey everyone,

I don't come around these parts so much so hello to anyone I used to game with!

I bought an XB1 controller in January and the LB button has stopped working so I'd like to ask for some advice:

Before I go and buy another controller, can anyone recommend the XB1 elite controller enough that I should choose that instead? Money isn't an issue in the decision, but that doesn't mean I want to just throw 3x the cost for a minor upgrade.

Any input will be welcome :-)


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Comment by Lost Legends at 10:54 on 04 Jun 2020


Comment by BudgetBallin360 at 13:27 on 04 Jun 2020


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You only needed to rank up the classes to 29.

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Now that is leaderboard to aspire to be 1st

Comment by imaidiot19 at 13:42 on 04 Jun 2020

I'm pretty sad that Hannah Montana isn't multigenred in here. Blue Jeans would be angry.

Comment by Icefiretn at 14:02 on 04 Jun 2020

Top 25 is not that far away! Go ride some more horsies!

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Comment by MattiasAnderson at 11:14 on 04 Jun 2020

That is very high up! Very nice!

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Comment by Reborn Insanity at 19:03 on 03 Jun 2020


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Comment by EarthboundX at 05:32 on 03 Jun 2020

Gratz Har!

Comment by EarthboundX at 06:12 on 03 Jun 2020

Any good? Noticed this a sale a few times, but have never been sure. Remind me I still have to go back and play that helicopter game we did the co-op in years backs.

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