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End of a streak.
Well it is a sad day when an offline achievement messes up a streak without you noticing. Always look at you streak log and not your profile achievement page cause it might cost you too.

I don't think i can ever get back to where i once was and so i won't try again and do other things, maybe not focus as much on obtaining them any more.

It's been swell while it lasted, but it is over.
Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare Walkthrough Published
Well it is that time once more with another walkthrough born upon the pages of this site being a more comical style think of it as a more comical call of duty anyone can master this game!.

The amount of time invested t gain the full amount of achievements is easy and for anyone who loves counting points suggest doing it twice for both versions.

For such a case the walkthrough i have written should work for any platform of the game you wish to be playing as there are only minor differences which are noted in it.

Your can find it at the link below.

Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare Walkthrough

I shall meet you upon the battlefield Wielding my dolphin shotgun!

Payday 2 Walkthrough Published
I promised you a payday 2 walkthrough and thou shall receive it i have been waiting eagerly to see its release onto the site and it has been answered.

Payday 2 Walkthrough

So have you always wanted to pull of that ocean's xxx heist using your brains to obtain your payday?, not interested how about rushing the bank and dealing whatever the cops throw your way this game has it for you.

The game is not hard to complete however you have to invest a decent amount of time in order to obtain them all as well as find some buddies to team with.

This is probably one of the smallest walkthroughs to date however if you have used one of mine before i tell you this it is not small!

Should you have any issues or questions relating to the walkthrough either post in the thread or PM me directly.

Enjoy! laugh

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