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Irondan316Minecraft (Windows)Irondan316 completed the game Minecraft (Windows) and is the 663rd gamer on the site to complete it
PeeeeeeeteLeft 4 DeadPeeeeeeete won 7 Achievements in Left 4 Dead for 439 points
ModernVikingOutridersModernViking won 2 Achievements in Outriders for 262 points
GREGO McGEEBack 4 BloodGREGO McGEE won 2 Achievements in Back 4 Blood for 580 points
ModernVikingOutridersNew HorizonModernViking started the New Horizon DLC for Outriders
ModernVikingKingdom: Two CrownsModernViking won 2 Achievements in Kingdom: Two Crowns for 353 points
GREGO McGEEGREGO McGEE has reached a new milestone: 1,800,000 GamerScore
jasonlc3221Outridersjasonlc3221 completed the game Outriders and is the 8,167th gamer on the site to complete it
vT AxEDaggerhoodvT AxE started the game Daggerhood
vT AxESea of ThievesvT AxE won 4 Achievements in Sea of Thieves for 1444 points

                Status change by Evandalist at 01:40 on 04 Dec 2021Evandalist status: Evandalist playing Battlefield V
Comment by Evandalist at 01:41 on 04 Dec 2021

Just me and a couple random players, waiting for a game to start, engaging in some totally heterosexual male bonding to pass the time.

GREGO McGEEPsychonauts 2GREGO McGEE started the game Psychonauts 2
vT AxESea of ThievesSleepover achievementvT AxE won the Sleepover achievement in Sea of Thieves for 323 points
vT AxESea of ThievesSeason FivevT AxE started the Season Five DLC for Sea of Thieves
pequenyo Misspequenyo Miss has reached a new milestone: 340,000 TrueAchievement Score
jasonlc3221OutridersNew Horizonjasonlc3221 completed the New Horizon DLC for Outriders
jasonlc322112 Days of Christmasjasonlc3221 registered for the 12 Days of Christmas event
SighrisDauntlessSighris won 4 Achievements in Dauntless for 726 points
The Lord PeanutHabroxiaThe Lord Peanut completed the game Habroxia and is the 884th gamer on the site to complete it
SighrisDauntlessUnknown PackSighris started the Unknown Pack DLC for Dauntless
The Lord PeanutHabroxia The Lord Peanut won 11 Achievements in Habroxia for 491 points
The Lord PeanutHabroxiaBaking an egg achievementThe Lord Peanut won the Baking an egg achievement in Habroxia for 35 points
Comment by EmperorBello at 19:22 on 03 Dec 2021

Yo! You a Sacred Symbols Fan? Or you just happen to be hunting this game for achievements? Lol

Comment by The Lord Peanut at 01:30 on 04 Dec 2021

Sacred Symbols?

Comment by EmperorBello at 07:32 on 04 Dec 2021

Ya the PlayStation podcast.. Colin Moriarty’s podcast and habroxia is his game developer.

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