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That was a great TA event. Unfortunately just can't get those Top 3 spots ever, but I had a great time anyway

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New Year, New Post
I've been considering writing something back and forth for the last week or so to start the year. I'm not big into resolutions or reflection on the immediate past. How things change us or how we grow is so much bigger than these short term or day-to-day moments. In the end though, I think it's for the best to post something.

Really, the thoughts are divided between my gaming and personal life this time. One side was pretty positive this year, the other not so much. Let's start with the rough side of things and end a bit more positive.

Personally, it was a slow and tough year. Work on my degree was down to a crawl. Had a paper accepted and presented at a conference (which is always great), but it came as I found myself losing my advisor (fired, not dead) and preparing to have a new one. Things will move forward and I'm excited for this year though. I think things are really looking up.

I also nearly lost my father during the last quarter of the year. I didn't say much about it here or to too many others, but it was definitely a rough time and I was a bit more withdrawn from things. Can't say how blessed I feel though to say that he is home (well on a work trip technically now across the country) and doing great. His recovery has been amazing.

Gaming things have been better though. Just some random thoughts:
- Became the WT Team Assistant Manager. It's both good and bad to have moved into the position, but I really appreciate the chance to continue working to help this site. Big thanks to all my WT team friends (past and present) who've supported me since/during the change.
- Published Walkthroughs. Still have a lot of work to do on some that I'm on right now, but I want to continue to publish good work. I haven't done many of the big titles that people notice, but I like that people are getting some benefit out of the one's I've completed.
- Highest GS/TA for a Year. Obviously the TA one could change, but I had my best year for scoring ever. Some great challenges completed and really noticed myself improving as a gamer.
- Starting on Mixer. For about 5 months now I've been streaming on the weekends (and holidays). Nothing huge, but it's been fun to just play and hang out. If you're interested, stop by and give a follow. I usually stream ID@Xbox titles, but I really don't limit my choices. Anything that interests me is fair game (or is suggested by friends to stream). I like continuing to grow this part of my gaming.
- New Friends. I can't say how much it's meant to make new friends on site this year. In particular, the friends gained through watching TA on Mixer. The trust built there so quickly is amazing. These are definitely people I've been able to turn to and talk about things.

Where to go for this new year? Just continue to grow and improve. Good gaming to everyone! toast
Posted by RadicalSniper99 on 16 January 18 at 21:35 | There is 1 comment on this blog post - Please log in to comment on this blog.

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Reborn Insanity shared a clip of PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS at 19:09 on 18 Mar 2018TrueAchievements TVReborn Insanity shared a clip of PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS recorded by Reborn Insanity
Comment by Reborn Insanity at 19:10 on 18 Mar 2018

Probably my most intense chicken dinner.

Comment by Eurydace at 20:08 on 18 Mar 2018


Comment by ClownTastic at 21:19 on 18 Mar 2018

Beast Mode

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K4rn4geSpiral SplatterK4rn4ge completed the game Spiral Splatter and is the 94th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by K4rn4ge at 18:29 on 18 Mar 2018

Fun little game - takes about 2 hours, mostly easy for the most part - some levels took a few tries for 3 stars but levels are short anyway.

Comment by SpiralOut46and2 at 18:52 on 18 Mar 2018

I'll be playing this tomorrow or the next day. Just because of the name lol. :D

Comment by Koding at 19:28 on 18 Mar 2018

Grats. My old reflexes are not doing me any favors on this game. I can't even get stage 4 unlocked....

RadicalSniper99WulverbladeRadicalSniper99 started the game Wulverblade
K4rn4gePlague Inc: Evolved2K4rn4ge has rated the Shadow Plague Update DLC in Plague Inc: Evolved 2 out of 5
Comment by Dang3R Gaming at 16:57 on 18 Mar 2018

I personally loved the Shadow Plague, better than Simian Flu at least.

K4rn4gePlague Inc: Evolved2K4rn4ge has rated the Simian Flu Update DLC in Plague Inc: Evolved 2 out of 5
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Comment by xWhatTheHawk at 16:47 on 18 Mar 2018

i need this one.

Comment by Ruxta at 19:32 on 18 Mar 2018

No you don't, Hawk. It's trash.

Comment by K4rn4ge at 20:15 on 18 Mar 2018

It's a pretty fun twin stick shooter and has online coop but it has some issues

Dang3R GamingDishonored Definitive EditionDang3R Gaming completed the game Dishonored Definitive Edition and is the 202nd gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by RagingCobra78 at 17:02 on 18 Mar 2018

Nice! Congrats. Everytime i go back to it i suddenly remember how horrible the game mechanics are. lol.

Comment by Dang3R Gaming at 17:14 on 18 Mar 2018

Horrible how? I find them to work absolutely fine.

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AwooSuper Lucky's TaleAwoo started the game Super Lucky's Tale
Comment by Fluffytoast at 15:39 on 18 Mar 2018


Comment by Krows Graveyard at 15:42 on 18 Mar 2018

Have fun getting 99,999 Coins :)

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                  Status change by Dang3R Gaming at 14:16 on 18 Mar 2018Dang3R Gaming status: I finally go back to Dishonored after months, get the By My Hand Alone requirements. Achievement just didn't unlock, uh what the hell.
Comment by Dang3R Gaming at 14:23 on 18 Mar 2018

Microsoft fix your system.

Comment by Lord Von Chimp at 15:08 on 18 Mar 2018

Check your Xbox achievements list on the console from the homepage. That's popped a few stuck achievements for me in the last week

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AwooCelesteAwoo has rated the game Celeste 3.5 out of 5
Comment by Awoo at 11:59 on 18 Mar 2018

Very torn on this one. There are many moments of sheer brilliance, it looks gorgeous throughout, the dialogue and characters are incredibly charming and the story is

Comment by Awoo at 11:59 on 18 Mar 2018

wonderfully down to earth and personally relatable despite all the crazy shit going on.

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AwooCelesteAwoo completed the game Celeste and is the 113th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by Awoo at 11:55 on 18 Mar 2018

Death count could have been a lot lower, but there were a few things that took me way longer than they should have. If you use assist mode, you are terrible.

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Comment by REALFOX81 at 21:31 on 18 Mar 2018


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