Next Walkthrough I complete is #25 and my Gold WT Ownership Badge!!! I think it needs to be the Talos one. It will be a major accomplishment


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Extra Life Conclusion
Well it's Monday and I completed my Extra Life stream. My goal was to reach $500 raised and I did it. My final tally as of now?


There is likely some changes to come as there were some issues with the site and donations showing up properly (some terrible people decided that it was a good idea to attack/take down a website for a children's charity angry). Whether or not those donations show up on my own page is irrelevant as it's more important that the money gets to the right place. Here's hoping it all goes well though. I know that it was closer to about $700 though with those taken into consideration.

Before going through the event and how it unfolded, I want to give a special thank you to angelsk. Having a friend alongside me streaming for 20 hours of it can't be overstated. She rocked her own Extra Life stream as well. Without her support, I can only imagine that some of the first 20 hours I did would have been as rough as the final 4 turned into solo.

In terms of the stream itself, here's what I played and how it went:

Gems of War (daily stuff twice and others) - Did both my Saturday and Sunday daily quests and unlocked my last achievement in the game for leveling a Kingdom to Level 15. I'm sure there will be more and I'm not done with it, but it was nice to do this on stream.

We Were Here Too - The sequel to We Were Here. After angelsk and I did the original, we came back for the second one. Definitely a harder game with some really challenging puzzles. The sequel has a lot more that push timing to survive. We died and restarted puzzles a lot more this time as a result. Still a lot of fun. Had to use guides to find the switches we missed, but we got the full 1000 during the stream.

Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Randomizer - Link to the Past is a favorite game of mine from growing up. I have been watching a lot of people play the randomizer and wanted to try it. I played and completed a seed for the first time. Only took about 3 hours, but I did it. Maybe I'll play more of them in the future. Who knows, maybe I'll even do a harder randomizer for a future Extra Life day.

Overcooked! 2 - Went back to finish the Carnival Chaos DLC that angelsk and I started a while back. We did this alongside failurewarning and LeekyUK. Many thanks to them for joining us. This has been probably my favorite multiplayer game of the last few years.

Yooka Laylee and the Impossible Lair - Collected a bunch of the bees. I had been challenged to try and finish the game during Extra Life for additional donations, but unfortunately I just couldn't pull it off. I'll be looking to finish the lair in the future. I'm getting close.

Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition (Switch) - Started the game and got to the Ginso Tree. Really like using the Pro controller on the Switch. Game still looks amazing even though the Switch is less powerful. Ran great as well.

Delta Squad - Wanted to hit a bit more gamerscore. Could have completed the game, but I did enough to get a decent amount of score. Part of this choice in game was thanks to the challenge and donation of AlbinoKidELITE tied to how much GS I earned during the stream.

Lonely Mountain: Downhill - Began to hit a mental wall here. Thank you ChinDocta and Ulkesh for sticking around here to keep chat going and helping me stay awake. Fun game but very challenging. I definitely want to continue working on it and see what I can unlock.

Tetris 99 - This one really helped me wake up a bit. Didn't win any rounds, but I had a good time with the late night runs.

Super Metroid - A classic! I beat the first major boss and then ended that portion of the stream. I'll probably stream the rest of the game at some point during my regular times (but I say that about a lot of games I never get back to, so who knows).

Overall, I want to thank everyone who came by, donated, and helped out during this event. I learned a ton and look forward to continuing to grow as a streamer because of this. Don't know what the next mountain to climb will be for streaming, but I'm excited for whatever that may be. I want to turn this into an annual thing - I had a blast and would love to do it again whether solo or co-streaming with friends.

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Comment by Slayer Reigning at 06:53 on 05 Jun 2020


Comment by JimbotUK at 07:21 on 05 Jun 2020

Well played! Still need to do this one :(

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Comment by K4rn4ge at 03:11 on 05 Jun 2020

Completion # 93 of 2020

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Comment by Sir Paulygon at 02:18 on 05 Jun 2020

All ships have been sunk! Too cool that this was the achievement to do it.

Comment by Sir Paulygon at 02:23 on 05 Jun 2020

Back to DOOM now. The job has certainly limited my gaming this week. Can only squeeze in a level or two a sitting.

Comment by TheDude722 at 04:00 on 05 Jun 2020

I'll be lucky to finish one ship by the end :(

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Comment by Sir Paulygon at 01:02 on 05 Jun 2020

MISS! Dang it. Was hoping I wouldn't have to play through the whole chapter...

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Comment by Vitiated1 at 00:32 on 05 Jun 2020

Get back on the game to see my campaign progress wiped, fucking awesome

Comment by xEaglExAssassin at 00:45 on 05 Jun 2020

Dude I feel it, got on warhammer space marine same thing on challenges.

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