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Anyone need to knock out some gear of war 4 horde mode achievements or re-ups?

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Reflection on the year.
Well as it turns out this was a great year for gaming for me. I did however spend a huge portion of the year playing a PC MMO called Black Desert Online. I suggest checking it out if you like the idea of an action MMO opposed to the traditional tab targeting. However BDO isn't an Xbox game so enough of that!

This year was really good for me. For the first time since I became a member in May of 09 I was able to get my gamer tag into the top 10 lists for first to acquire some achievements. Amazingly enough I was able to do it a total of 8 times across 2 games. One of those was even a site first achievement! For those wondering the games were Titanfall 2 and Final Fantasy XV.

Sadly the year didn't put out many games that I would consider for a top 10 spot so I'll rank games in my top 5.

5. Far Cry Primal

I really enjoyed this game. It was a very different take on an already fun play style. If you haven't played this game then I highly suggest that you pick it up!

4. Gears of War 4

I am not traditionally a big Gears fan, however the horde mode on this game is extremely addicting and it has really turned my opinion of the series in general. The campaign was fairly good as well except for the insane mode play through. I really wish games would move away from stupidly annoying difficulties that have their own achievements.

3. Van Helsing: Deathtrap

This game totally took my by surprise. What a great concept for a tower defense game. I was just mentioning to a friend how there aren't many good tower defense games out there and he told me about this one coming out as a free download. I picked it up and have been totally enthralled by it since. It's about the only thing to take my attention away from Gears 4....

2. Titanfall 2

This was another amazing game. The addition of the story line was a lot of fun. The difficulty on the hardest setting felt very good, and it was a lot of fun to play. I am however extremely disappointed that all of the achievements except 3 were based around the campaign. This original game was all about the multiplayer and the achievements were really well done. I wish they would have put more achievements into the multiplayer and only had a couple for the campaign...

1. Metal Gear Solid V

This game didn't come out this year but it was this year when I finished it up. It is very saddening to know that there will never be another of these amazing games. It was also a big disappointment that the definitive edition were just copies of the same game which means the same achievement list. I would have loved to play through this game again but sadly the gamerscore wagon must keep rolling! I can't stress enough to play this game if you haven't gotten around to it. I've put over 380 hours into this gem.

Since my list of top games were kind of small I figured I would post the top 5 let downs for games this year!

5. Battlefield 1

This game wasn't a huge let down, but I am far more of a fan of modern style combat over history or future warfare. This was also another game that was really lacking in the online achievement department. I was able to 1k this game in just a few days of playing compared to some of the older ones where it took months to finish them up.

4. Dead Rising 4

Dead Rising 3 was such a great game. The coop play was some of the most refreshing in any of the zombie games thus far and overall the game was just a blast to play with exception to that stupid remix DLC at the very end.... I was so extremely excited for DR4 to come out. It had that wonderful coop listed right in the advertisement. Picked up the game and low and behold the coop was some stupid arcade ripoff of the crappy remix DLC that was released for DR3 and the campaign was 100% single player.... Way to go Capcom on screwing up another great idea.

3. Witcher 3

I think the biggest problem with this game was all the hype. It took me forever to finally get around to playing this game. By the time the game was over I was starting to enjoy it a little bit, but I found the mechanics to be exceedingly clunky feeling compared to what I was expecting. After games like Batman Arkham series and Middle-Earth: Shadows of Mordor's fast paced combat and amazing counter attack system I was expecting something more like that. The game just wasn't on the same level. The story was great but the gameplay really killed it for me.

2. The Division

This game was just as bad as Destiny in my opinion. Tons upon TONS of promises that were broken. The game was totally unfinished when it was realeased and could have easily 1k'd this game in less than a week. It had zero potential for replay value and considering it was supposed to be an MMO styled game it's extremely disturbing. The gameplay felt pretty good but the dark zones were a laughing joke. So many trolls and the story line was really short. The only thing that took any serious amount of time was having to go around and get all the collectables. There have been some updates since I quit playing that are supposed to make the game a little better but honestly it's too little too late. Maybe Ghost Recon will be better but I don't expect much out of Ubisoft anymore.

1. Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy gets my vote for biggest letdown of the year! This was Sqenix's attempt at turning a great turn based RPG game into the next Call of Duty. It failed miserably. The combat system was a hot mess. The concept is probably cool but in practicality it just didn't work out. They tried to make it similar to a Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat game where you had controller motions to pull off certain types of moves. In a 2D world like SF and MK that works great but in 3D when the direction you are facing changes the way you have to do the combos it makes the game really hard to pull off the nice looking attacks. Sadly the nicer looking attacks were the knockdowns and hard hitting abilities that really turned the tide of the battle. Why can't this company just realize that there is still a good chunk of people who would love another "good" turn based RPG game like the old Final Fantasy games? Maybe next time....

Well that sums up my reflection of 2016 gaming. I hope you enjoyed it and feel free to post if you have any comments. Thanks for reading!

P.S. If you are ever checking out guides for games on this site and you come across one that you don't feel is up to the standard. Don't simply down vote it or talk trash about it. Take the time to actually write a better one. If you can't write a better one or you don't feel like spending the time to do it then don't trash talk or down vote the people who actually are posting up guides. It's just plain rude, and it makes people who are writing these things not want to write them anymore and then where would you be?
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YoDz shared the news item 2016 Leaderboards - How Did You Do? at 18:13 on 16 Jan 2017YoDz shared the news item 2016 Leaderboards - How Did You Do?
Comment by YoDz at 18:26 on 16 Jan 2017

30th in the world for TA in shooters, 16th in the world for Gamerscore in shooters

Comment by YoDz at 18:27 on 16 Jan 2017

6th in USA

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                  Status change by LifeExpectancy at 19:28 on 15 Jan 2017LifeExpectancy status: Anyone available for coop campaign in Forza Horizon 3?
Comment by AndyGover at 19:35 on 15 Jan 2017

I need to get this done but sorry not around tonight though.

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Comment by YoDz at 17:26 on 15 Jan 2017

that was fun

Comment by PhatDaemien at 17:38 on 15 Jan 2017

number 2, sweet :)

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Comment by YoDz at 21:46 on 14 Jan 2017

i unlocked 53 achievements in this game in ONE sitting lol

Comment by KURSED SOULS at 22:21 on 14 Jan 2017

That's a lot of achievements is the game good?

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Comment by Harlequin God at 21:13 on 14 Jan 2017

Did they finally make Forza BC, or are you playing this on the 360. I still need one achievement on 2, and a few on 4.

Comment by Oriole2682 at 22:10 on 14 Jan 2017

forza horizon 3 is a game that came out on the one last year

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