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After completing my Gamerscore-goal I can now work towards my last goal, the completionpercentage.

In currently 12 achievements away from reaching that goal, and I've picked one of the two longest games I still need to do. Lost Odyssey, the best game story-wise ever created (in my opinion). With 35 unfinished achievements this would go well passed my goal, but then at least I'm completing my goal and working on my older games.

If the game is done, I can play freely the rest of the year. But for now I'm just enjoying Lost Odyssey.

And with the mega sale this week I'm also topped with a bunch of new games as well.

Especially One games, or to be honest, only One-games. Saints Rows, Metros, Monopoly, Dragon Age, Gemini, Life is Strange and Wolfenstein. 9 new games I need to make some time for to get those started.

With 22 unfinished games and 64 unstarted games I still have my work cut out for me. Some I'll fear of playing, others will be a breeze. I'm considering doing everything online first, as I want to get those out of the way as quickly as possible. Also playing 360 games as many as I can until someone from MS decides to stop it all together. But for now I'm roughly 72 hours out of completing Lost Odyssey, so I have some time to think this through.
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