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My Top 10 Games of 2015
Another year brings another list of the 10 best games I have played in 2015. This is the 9th year in a row I have been making this list and I love looking back each year at everything I played. Getting the list down to only 10 games was a challenge this time around, as I seemed to have played more games than usual this time around. With that said, let's begin.

10. Guacamelee: Super Turbo Championship Edition

I played this at the very beginning of the year so I don't remember much about it, besides the excellent combat system, the catchy music, the Metroidvania-style gameplay, and the tons of Mexican and gaming references that I found hilarious. I guess that's pretty

The combat took a lot of inspiration from the Batman Arkham series, with counters and new combat moves to unlock. In typical Metroid fashion new abilities are used to access new areas and to further explore previous ones. I played on the hardest difficulty and found a decent challenge but even so, I was able to complete everything in about 20 hours, including all the bonus combat challenges. I played it, enjoyed it then forgot about it. Later on there was a co-op mode added but I haven't felt the need to check it out. Not much replay value here but an excellent game that is still worth your time.

9. Spec Ops: The Line

I ended up buying this game on a friend's recommendation and I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would. Spec Ops is a 3rd person shooter that takes place in an alternate timeline where Dubai has fallen and it's up to you and your squad to find out what happened, while searching for what happened to the last squad that was there.

I found the setting to be very unique and one of the main draws of playing this game. The futuristic city of Dubai has shopping malls, restaurants, stadiums, and all of it in ruin due to sandstorms and other horrors. The set pieces were very unique. I liked the sandstorm effects and the chaos of trying to fight with the wind blowing and severely limited visibility.

The storyline was good too, with the main character slowly breaking down and losing his mind to what he is seeing. Insanity soon takes over, and with it also goes the 4th wall. Very enjoyable game that shows that there are no heroes in war.

8. The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D

I have wanted a remake of Majora's Mask ever since remaking Zelda games seemed to be the popular thing. Ocarina of Time was remade, Wind Waker was remade and even Twilight Princess is getting a remaster early next year. I would have preferred an HD
upgrade, but this portable version still improves upon the original in a few ways. The original awkward save system has been replaced with something more traditional, which I feel is a much better choice for this game. The tension and anxiety of having to complete a quest while under a time limit is still there, despite having more advanced options for time travel.

The game also removes all of the original slowdown and frame drops that the N64 version had, making for a smoother experience.
And of course, the entire game can be played in 3D, which is more of a novelty, but it's still fun to see certain areas in 3D. The graphics were also given a boost from the original N64 version. One issue that I noticed was that there wasn't any sort of harder difficulty option, something that was present in the previous Zelda remakes. Despite all this, I had a much better time with the game that I was expecting.

7. Pokemon Shuffle

Earlier this year I decided to try out Nintendo's new free to play game, Pokemon Shuffle. It is a simple game where all you have to do is match three of the same Pokemon to clear them out. You also can catch other Pokemon to help you out in game. But in order to play a puzzle board you need to spent a heart. You can have 5 hearts maximum (unless you buy more) and the game will automatically recharge one heart every 30 minutes. I got hooked quickly. If I had a spare moment I would use it to try and catch more Pokemon or try to get a higher rank on a previously completed stage just so I can unlock more Pokemon to catch and start the cycle over. It started out fun, but after a few months of this I burned myself out hard.

At the start of the year I challenged myself to complete the game without spending any money but I had to give up on the pursuit earlier this month. I just wasn't having fun anymore and the challenges were becoming very tedious and grindy. But I sure played the hell out of this game and probably spent more time with it that I should have.

6. Roundabout

Roundabout ended up being one of the most unique games I played all year. You play as Georgio, who runs the very first revolving limo service. You'll need to pick up passengers and take them to their destination while driving a mad spinning limo that seems to crash into everything. Later on you'll uncover a story of revenge, and love, and you'll be laughing the entire way at how serious the story takes itself through the live action cutscenes. This is easily the funniest game I've played all year.

Roundabout is also a pretty decent open world game, with side quests and collectibles to find. You can upgrade your limo for easier driving, or if you just want to look cooler. I had fun just driving around exploring for hidden horns and stacks of cash. The game is a little on the short side, but the bonus challenges will have you back in the game if you want to complete everything.

There is even a remake of Desert Bus included, the game where you have to drive for 8 hours through the desert in realtime. And yes, there is an achievement for completing it.

5. Guitar Hero Live

This year two of my favorite franchises made a return, Guitar Hero and Rock Band. I was excited for the new Rock Band until it was revealed that the game wouldn't have support for my favorite instrument, the keyboard. Guitar Hero didn't interest me at all until I saw a Black Friday sale I couldn't pass up. What made me decide to try out the game was the new guitar layout. Instead of 5 buttons in a row, this new Guitar Hero game has two rows of three buttons. Playing the game felt like a new experience. I struggled with medium difficulty so I went straight to expert because, if you're going to fail you might as well fail hard.

The on disk setlist isn't that great but the new Guitar Hero TV mode makes up for it. It is a music streaming service with a huge catalog of songs that are added all the time. There are two channels that play music videos in the background while you play the song at the same time. I got hooked playing this mode, which is completely free, but if you want you can spend some money (or grind) in order to play any song on demand. I love watching all the cheesy 80s videos.

4. Rayman Legends

I got this game for free on Xbox One as part of the Games With Gold program. It ended up being my favorite free game of the year, or at least the one I played the most. Rayman Legends is a massive 2D platformer with a gigantic Ubisoft budget. The graphics and artwork in the characters and backgrounds are very detailed, giving the look of playing an animated cartoon. The game itself is fun with each level having a certain amount of collectibles and secrets to find. The music was great, and I loved the levels that combined music and platforming for a hybrid rhythm experience.

Once I completed the main game to 100% I noticed I still had Daily and Weekly Challenges to grind. These were basically rotating challenges where you would compete for the fastest time or how far you could get in a random level. I enjoyed playing these for a while but they got old after many weeks of doing basically the same thing. But it was something unique, and I probably would have liked it better if I didn't have to play this mode for so long.

3. Shovel Knight

Shovel Knight is an instant 2D classic. The music, the characters and the gameplay borrows elements from some of the best 2D games of the past, the most obvious being Mega Man. But unlike Mega Man, your shovel is your weapon. The close range combat reminds me more of Zelda 2, especially with the overpowered down stab move. And the map screen is reminiscent of Super Mario Bros 3 with the forced 'Hammer Bros' bosses that move across the map. But even with all the inspiration taken from other games Shovel Knight stands on it's own. The bosses are unique to fight and the level design encourages multiple playthroughs and speedruns.

What really pushed this game ahead for me this year was the free DLC, Plague of Shadows. You play as Plague Knight, one of the bosses from the game, and I found him to be more fun to play as than Shovel Knight. His movement is incredible in how you can just melt through stages once you've got it mastered. He even has a unique storyline that's probably more interesting than the one in the main game. One of the best indie games I've ever played.

2. Rare Replay - Viva Pinata

For years I wanted Blast Corps on Xbox. Finally, Microsoft listened and delivered 29 other random games on disk. Blast Corps (Featuring Rare Replay) is one the best games you can currently get on the XBox One.

Seriously though, this is one of the best compilations of all time. 30 years of Rare history is represented here, from the 8 bit Spectrum and NES games, all the way to the Xbox 360 era, spanning five generations of consoles. Besides Blast Corps, Viva Pinata was the standout game for me. I never played it before and found myself addicted to my garden, attracting and mating as many Pinatas as I could. I was also able to try out some of the more obscure games that I had always been curious about, like the Spectrum games, Battletoads Arcade, Jet Force Gemini and Grabbed by the Ghoulies.

There are also a bunch of bonus features like footage of cancelled games or unused music. Some of the unused music from Conker I noticed later found it's way into Donkey Kong 64. I played this game for over a month trying to beat everything in it. I stopped playing eventually when the next game on this list came out.

1. Super Mario Maker

When I was very young I used to draw out my own Mario levels on paper, wishing I could somehow play them. I wish I still had these drawings because then I'd be able to recreate them in Mario Maker. Super Mario Maker gives the tools to create and play your own Mario level, with many things you couldn't do in the original games. Best of all, Nintendo has finally figured out this online thing and has since provided two major updates to the game.

The most recent update gave a new search and tagging feature and the new Fire Koopa Car, making it easier to design flying shoot-em-up stages. But the most exciting new update for me was the speedrunning mode. Now every level keeps track of the fastest time to clear, which has got me hooked trying to grab as many speedrunning medals on as many random levels as I can.

Since the game came out I have uploaded 34 levels, my most recent being a remake of the Library level from Halo 1. Check out my profile if you have the game and be sure to bookmark and star my courses! See you next year!


Honorable Mentions
Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Goat Simulator
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5
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