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End of an era
It seems with every console generation I shift my mentality when it comes to how I enjoy games.

Back in the day, when I still lived at home, the first console I had was the NES. Back then most games were uncomplicated. Few had save files. If you wanted to play the game, most likely you started over from the beginning, and I was fine with that, because they were fun.

Sega Genesis was my next system, and it was not too much of a leap from NES, a few more games had save files, or passcodes that you wrote down to type in the game when you wanted to resume where you left off. This era is when I got into the RPG, between shining force II and beyond oasis that I had for my Genesis, and FFIII(FFVI) and Chrono Trigger that I played at my friends house, I fell in love with the rpg (Sure I had zelda and star tropics for the orig NES, but I had never heard of Final Fantasy at that point, and never really got IN to it.

Mind you, I was only receiving consoles and games as christmas presents, I never had any money of my own, my family wasn't the most um, strict should I say, and I didn't get an allowence because I had no chores that I had to do (they said they'd pay me if I did chores, but I didn't cause I was lazy and wanted to just play games).

Enter the playstation, the godsend. 3d graphics, memory cards, cds that (so long as you took care of them) you didn't have problems running unlike the cartridges that chose not to work (did blowing in them help? we thought they did) man were we in heaven at that point. First game I got for the playstation was a racing game, in the old BIG packages. Not the jewel cases that they started using after a year, no these cases were beasts to rival the biggest of the genesis game cases. My first christmas after I got the system however, was heaven. I got final fantasy VII and spyro two completely different games. I knew I got more, but those are the earliest I remember, and with VII my love of RPGS was secure. I went on from there to get FFVIII and FFIX, the re-release of FFV/FFVI and FFIV/Chrono trigger. Xenogears. Chrono Cross, and Legend of Dragoon. All of which were amazing games.

The PS2 then came and gifted me with more amazingness. I could still pop in all my old ps1 games, yet play newer better games. Enter Star Ocean: Til the End of Time, FFX, FFXII, FFX-2, Xenosaga Ep1,2, and 3, ./hack sign, and many other glorious rpgs. During the playstation 2 era however, was when I got my first job working at Burger King. Meager pay for sure, but when you live at home and have no bills, that's alllllll spending money. I started getting in to other games in the playstation era. Starting with resident evil, which I had played at a friends house, but my mother would not let me play. I remember going to blockbuster and buying a used copy of resident evil 3 and hiding it downstairs (she eventually found it while cleaning). Whereas most kids my age were hiding porn from their mothers, or sneaking around having sex, I was hiding video games, and not at all concerned with such matters.

The magical shift in interests truly happened when I had enough money to buy another game system. Two in one generation! I went to EB Games (which since has been gobbled up by Gamestop) and bought a nintendo gamecube. There I enjoyed nostalgic but new games like Luigis mansion and Super Smash Brothers melee, as well as the remake of the original resident evil which I was totally old enough to buy now. Games simply got more fun.

Then the dreaded thing happened around the time I graduated high school, I heard of a game called FFXI. I wanted it for a while, but had no money to buy the whole hard drive thing for the PS2 version, but found out they released a PC version.

Now mind you, I had played PC games all the while here. Main reason being I had no money, and PC games were easy to find pirated copies of. What I usually would do was go to my dad's house in the summer and use his broadband to download as MANY games as I could before leaving, as I was stuck with dialup at home. But this was probably the first PC game aside from the original sims (along with god knows how many expansions [worse is they're still doing it with sims 3]) that I had actually purchased in a long while. It required a subscription. My first true monthly bill. Suddenly I ignored my playstation 2, aside from playing Dance Dance Revolution for some occasional exercise. I played FFXI exclusively until a little game called world of warcraft arrived. I had played the previous warcraft games (2 and 3) as well as starcraft, so I knew it was going to be good. By this point I had started working at walmart in the electronics section, so I not only had access to everything on day one, but had a 10% discount to boot.

I proceeded to cancel my FFXI sub and sub to world of warcraft instead. For a year and a half it was all I played, I was raiding with my Tauren hunter Mooses and my Human rogue Razzazzika on two different servers. I kept with the guild through the first two big raids, and started on the third one, but something nagged me. The xbox 360 came out the previous holiday season, it was february or so, and it kept eating at me that I hadn't bought it yet. Money was building up in my account due to lack of bills, so I went for it. I bought the xbox 360 with a few games (Kameo, Prey). I played these games, I liked them, but it took out of my wow time. I only bought an occasional game, and usually I was playing it simultaneously to playing wow. (I had a little 13' screen for a while, and for christmas that year my mom bought me a 20' which was like, wow amazing.

Fast forward a bit. Stuff happened. I met my now wife. She started in the same department as me and we just clicked. Often our 'dates' were us just coming back to my place and playing games. Eventually we decided I was wasting too much gas (she didn't drive at that point) and I was constantly going 10 miles down the road to pick her up, drive back to spend time at my house, drive her back and drive back home to sleep when I was done. That in addition to my second college which was very far away, I suddenly couldn't afford the gas. So I moved in with her. My now sister in law at the time had just moved away leaving the attic somewhat vacant. So I moved in with her, above her parents house. Sure she was still under the ruling thumb of HER mother, but suddenly I was free. No one explained credit to me by this point, but somehow through paying off my car I had an excellent credit rating and best buy gave me a $2500 limit around the time the PS3 came out. I bought a big 42" TV that's still chugging along to this day, and a PS3 as soon as I got approved, filling up half the card. I barely played my xbox, why was I buying a ps3? no idea. But I bought a wii soon after because it was cheap (with actual money not credit thankfully) there was no room in my attic to play some of those motion wii games.

Anyway, the next shift came about when a friend lent me tomb raider legend. I had always been a fan of tomb raider, owning every single incarnation since the beginning (yes even angel of darkness, terrible as it was). So when I heard about the reboot I was psyched. They improved so much in that game that I played it through and through, doing all the time trials and everything, and I noticed something. I hadn't played world of warcraft in over a week. And I had a magical 23/23 on the achievements, and I thought to myself "I missed this feeling. Of playing the crap out of a game until there was nothing left to do" So on every game I've bought since then I've 100% on the xbox. I barely touched the wii, and only played the big blockbuster PS3 games like uncharted and Metal gear. For some games,achievements took freaking forever. I first started to get disenchanted with the idea with multiplayer achievements, namely gears of war. Seriously is serious bullshit, and it kept getting crazier with each game. Seriously 3.0 MIGHT have been obtainable if I spent the entire year playing Gears 3 and NOTHING else. I don't have time for that. I work a 40 hour a week job. My playing time is a sweet precious 4 hours a night and all day weekends (if I have nothing to do). I don't want to spend it grinding out games. But I did. I started grinding out long achievements, even though I wasn't having fun. I started buying crappy games just because they were cheap and easy to 100%. I bought a windows phone and upgraded to windows 8 on my computer all for love of achievements.

Then I saw the E3 announcements yesterday. Hole lee crap. Why on earth would I want the XBone? Achievements? Surely not. I realize I could care less. Halo? Though I've played every one, it was never my favorite series. Why then? No reason. I'm not going to get it, especially when the PS4 is $100 less without any of the restrictions. Where does that leave my 100,000+ gamerscore? A useless number... I don't care anymore. Because of this completionist attitude I have, I've built up a backlog of 80+ games. many of which i've never opened. I want to get rid of some. I now have no intention of ever finishing gears of war 1, 2, or 3. I've never been a fan of multiplayer, I just don't care. I'm going to get rid of my rock band and guitar hero games, because my controllers broke years ago and I honestly don't intend to get a new one. I have rocksmith, a real guitar game, no need for a fake one.

I was in the middle of dead space 3 this week. I had already beaten it 3 times, and was in the middle of a 4th playthrough, pure survival mode. Do I really want to finish it this time and start up ANOTHER game on hardcore mode? Not really. The storyline was neat the first time around, but the inability to skip sequences really wears on you by your 3rd or 4th playthrough. Since I no longer care about achievements, I say fuck it. I'm trading that in too. I'll surely have enough to pick up the PS3 games i've missed out on in my xbox fervor. Heavy Rain, Ni no kuni, and todays big release, Last of Us.

I will still be on xbox, but as for boosting parties? No thank you. I'm done with that.

Addendum: I have the same username on PSN and Steam, friend me if you want ^_^

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