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So while I was driving Uber riders tonight in San Francisco...a banner caught my eye....GDC 2018 is this coming week. I "think" this has changed in terms of the dates because I attended this back in 2009 roughly and i could swear it was in February but whatever....

But that got me thinking about what I want to do again and get into the industry. I was hoping I could volunteer (which isn't technically correct because you end up getting paid a bit for the job and paying your admission to the event itself) but it looks like it's too late. So it got me to thinking about various events for gaming professionals, conferences etc and what I could do to get my name out there

Here's a short list of what I came up with:

- Contact a local company and ask if there's a tour possible and then maybe use that to network
- GDC 2019 (volunteer at the very least, summit passes like I had in 2009 are still about $800)
- E3 2019 (2018 i could go to but it's too close to a vacation that's already planned and paid for but it's $249 for a gamers pass)
- PAX West (2018 looks to be in seattle around my birthday for approx $53/day (212 total ish)
- fix my Linked In Profile
- Attend the Game Dev get togethers once a month (already registered for March 20th, 2018)

I also need to come up with questions as to how i can get the info i need to at least get into testing at this meet-up.

And finally I need to see what I want to do about hardware in order to create something cause this mac mini isn't designed for this AT ALL lol
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PermalinkFirst Game Design Blog Post - The Beginnings and What's Planned
So today I was around many of my wife's family. (Today being about a week ago but didn't have an outlet to type until i noticed the blog posts in TrueAchievements). Nearly everyone at our little get-together is accomplished. And I don't mean they have successful jobs, but there are people in my extended family that work for Apple, Google, Universities and law firms, etc etc.

I'm sitting here listening to all of what they have done and what they are doing and became partially sad and frustrated all at the same time. I have a "degree" to do what I want, building and designing games, and yet I can't seem to get going enough to get out of this "jump to another meaningless job" rut and do it. Now granted, I really feel that my school was horrible upon reflection and I doubt I earned half of the grades I got, but nonetheless, I'm stuck with a significant college degree that says otherwise.

So tonight I started looking up things to make another shot at the gaming industry before I really do start to feel as old as I am and give up.

Here's what I was looking into so far:

Game Design Documents (GDD) including some examples
computers through Best Buy,, in order to use Unreal Engine 4

I didn't have a lot of time tonight as I should have going forward with in-laws currently both in town and staying longer than they expected but what I can tell so far is this....the GDDs may not be as used as they once were BUT if i decide to create my own game (which right now would be my first choice) I would probably do one not as a pitch to someone else necessarily but to keep myself on track and lay everything out.

I also learned that getting a good computer would run the $700-1000 range and would most likely be coming with a GeForce 1060 video card. These cards are good in that they have plenty of video RAM and from all accounts, they all can support multiple monitors which I plan on having. How many monitors is up for debate and not included in that price. So assume two monitors will jack that price up towards $1300-1500ish (more uber driving apparently)

Speaking of which I had a rider a few days ago which was apparently a creative member at Microsoft that worked on a few big games including a Forza game. I listened to what he said and some of the things he's told me will be getting started on. He told me that I should get to the GDC again (Game Developer Conference) and if I can't do a full attendance fee, volunteer to work the conference in order to gain access. He also told me that I don't need a high end computer to really start developing again with Unreal Engine 4 but I figured this will be an investment and a way to be professional.....let's not go cheap now and have to upgrade in two years. I told him about meeting up with Developers at a local get-together on March 20th and he said that sounds like a good idea as well. I plan on contacting the organizer of the event in order to see about what happens before i go....if it's just guys playing games, it may not be worth my time, but talking about design aspects and challenges...perhaps....all i know is that tonight is the first step
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