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I'm glad to see all of my old boosting buddies are still at it. I will not be anymore as I have swi

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SookieStackzCities: SkylinesSookieStackz won 2 Achievements in Cities: Skylines for 10 Gamerscore
OnsidicGears 5Onsidic won 2 Achievements in Gears 5 for 51 points
Maka91MLB The Show 21 Maka91 won 2 Achievements in MLB The Show 21 for 149 points
Maka91MLB The Show 21On The Path To Greatness achievementMaka91 won the On The Path To Greatness achievement in MLB The Show 21 for 25 points
Comment by halohogg at 14:31 on 22 Apr 2021

I wish I could play a baseball game right now.

Comment by DJBringa at 16:52 on 22 Apr 2021

How you liking it so far? I'm so happy to see baseball make a return to Xbox. Currently at 16/25 achievements on the Show 21

CDJ 1000Alien: IsolationCDJ 1000 won 2 Achievements in Alien: Isolation for 45 points
TTL LannyMLB The Show 21TTL Lanny won 2 Achievements in MLB The Show 21 for 148 points
RYN16Red Dead Redemption 2RYN16 won 3 Achievements in Red Dead Redemption 2 for 115 points

                Status change by boldfoxrd at 10:22 on 21 Apr 2021boldfoxrd status: And with beating Ori 1, my 13 year Xbox journey has come to an end.
Comment by Sonic Grunge at 15:49 on 21 Apr 2021

Hanging up your controller mate?

SmokinDizzy90MLB The Show 21SmokinDizzy90 won 2 Achievements in MLB The Show 21 for 192 points
OnsidicRain on Your ParadeOnsidic completed the game Rain on Your Parade and is the 981st gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by Harbringernight at 13:44 on 20 Apr 2021

Gratz bro.

Comment by Onsidic at 14:31 on 20 Apr 2021

Fun little game :)

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Maka91MLB The Show 21Maka91 won 3 Achievements in MLB The Show 21 for 254 points
CDJ 1000Family FeudCDJ 1000 started the game Family Feud
OnsidicRain on Your ParadeOnsidic won 3 Achievements in Rain on Your Parade for 384 points

                Status change by BulgyDragonZord at 21:06 on 19 Apr 2021BulgyDragonZord status: Still working on Microsoft Casual Games - Windows 8 whilst the Servers are still up... But I am struggling : S
Maka91MLB The Show 21Maka91 started the game MLB The Show 21
JEAN5JEAN5 has reached a new milestone: 8,500 Achievements Won
SmokinDizzy90HITMAN 3HITMANSmokinDizzy90 started the HITMAN DLC for HITMAN 3
SmokinDizzy90HITMAN 3HITMAN 2SmokinDizzy90 started the HITMAN 2 DLC for HITMAN 3
SmokinDizzy90HITMAN 3SmokinDizzy90 started the game HITMAN 3
Hail YourselfWatch_Dogs 2Hail Yourself won 3 Achievements in Watch_Dogs 2 for 124 points

                Status change by Maka91 at 02:29 on 18 Apr 2021Maka91 status: Rain On Your Parade - 100% Achievement Walkthrough (Game Pass) -
Comment by JPG30 at 14:10 on 18 Apr 2021

got most of it done but i need to use this guide to finish off a couple of awkward achievement, mostly the timed ones, thanks for the guide.

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