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I wanted to monitor our team ratio for this week's bonus requiring 4.0 or better.

Way Too Old For This

Day 1 (6 days, 11 hours to go) 2,670 TA / 920 GS = 2.902 TA Ratio
- Not a bad start.
Math Fun: Elimination last week was just under 20,000 TA. At that rate, we would need 5,000 GS for 20,000 TA. Subtracting what we have now, we would have to maintain a 4.248 ratio the rest of the way!
Day 2 (5 days, 11 hours) 4,888 TA / 1,315 GS = 3.717
-Getting close. Kromork helped out a little bit with
Clicker HeroesZone conquerorKromorkThe Zone conqueror achievement in Clicker Heroes worth 1407 pointsReach level 3.600
Other than that, he reminded everyone to take into account all those little achievements you pop on the way to high-ratio ones! They all count!
Moving forward, we need to unlock at a 4.1 pace to maintain a 4.0 ratio.
Day 3 (4 days, 12 hours) 6,800 TA / 1,630 = 4.172
OK, we got the ratio above 4! Now, we need to keep it there while scoring enough points to survive...
We still need to average a 3.9, so no slacking!

This challenge made me go back to the Lies of Astaroth campaign. Today, I unlocked
Lies of AstarothMystery ForestRedd FiveThe Mystery Forest achievement in Lies of Astaroth worth 472 pointsThree star all stages in Map 13.
Next, Torment for 12, 11, and 13 in that order. (I hear 11 in a bitch!)
Day 4 (3 days, 3 hours) 8,442 TA / 1,935 GS = 4.362
Ratio's looking good. Still need plenty of points I'm sure! We need to aim above 3.77 to maintain our 4.0 average.
Day 6 (1 day 13 hours) 14,075TA / 3,110 GS = 4.525
Ratio's looking pretty good. I'm currently downloading an update for Minecraft, then I'm going to try a few high-ratio achievements in that.

Let me tell you, last time I played Pool Nation FX, I stopped my endurance run to "save" some achievements. Last night, I couldn't get past 10 minutes! grrr!
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