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PermalinkTop 10 consoles of all time. Where is the One?
The Xbox One is nearing it's 4th birthday. The 360 was given 8 years of exclusive shelf space by Microsoft. Even if the One gets the same treatment, it's fair to say its life is half over. (The release of the One X tells me it won't.) Given that, I decided to evaluate where it falls on my list of top consoles.

#10 Wii: Very top-heavy library, but Galaxy, Smash, Zelda, and Sports is enough.

#9 Xbox One: microtransaction machine. Seems a step backwards in most ways compared to the 360. Large selection of free games.

#8 Sega Master System: Alex Kidd, Outrun, great shmups & sports games

#7 Atari 2600: The great grand-daddy. Arcade at home!

#6 SNES: Great library. Paled next to Genesis, IMO

#5 NES: So many classic franchises. Great rpg's. Platformer heaven.


#4 PlayStation
The PlayStation was a massive leap forward in many ways. 3D graphics were a constant thing. Unfortunately, most of them looked like ass. Luckily, gameplay was often fantastic and the library was full of classics still played today.
-Memory cards allowed for limitless save files (but the cards were criminally small)
-CD switching allowed for huge games
-DualShock controller felt great
-PS1 is still one of the best CD players ever made

Lasting Memory: Final Fantasy VII. Every second of it.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
Crash Bandicoot series
Final Fantasy series
Gran Turismo
Metal Gear Solid
Resident Evil series
Silent Hill series
Tomb Raider series
Twisted Metal series

Hidden Gems
Cool Boarders 2
Dino Crisis series
Fear Effect
Hot Shots Golf
Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver
Legend of Legaia
Silhouette Mirage
Star Ocean: The Second Story
Tactics Ogre


#3 Sega Genesis
I haven't plugged in my Genesis in over a year. Maybe that's why it has fallen to #3 in my list. The Genesis represented a massive jump in the capabilities of home video game consoles. Sprites were suddenly huge! Backgrounds were colorful. Genesis was such an improvement over the dominant NES that we considered it the "grown up" console.
-Clamshell game cases were sturdy as hell and looked great on a shelf
-Best versions of many cross-platform games
-6-button controller perfect for fighting games

Lasting Memory: All night sessions playing NHL 95.
Lasting Memory 2: Selling my entire Genesis collection at Funcoland to buy a PS1, then spending years on eBay getting it all back!

Earthworm Jim
Ecco the Dolphin
Madden series
Mortal Kombat
NHL series
Nuclear Strike
Phantasy Star 2/3
Shining Force 2
Sonic series
Street Fighter 2

Hidden Gems
Dynamite Headdy
Gunstar Heroes
Eternal Champions
Zero Tolerance


#2 Xbox 360
I didn't care about them at first, but once I got the bug, I loved unlocking achievements. They created a whole metagame around playing games. The 360 introduced widespread online multiplayer in consoles. The games were great.
-The controllers felt perfect.
-A built-in hard drive was a vast improvement over memory cards.
-The hardware itself was notoriously unreliable, but I still have my Falcon model, although it is well on it's way out.
-I feel that the library is a tad FPS shooter heavy, which isn't my bag, but there's still something for everyone. There's a real lack of RPG's, though.
-XBLA ushered in a new way to buy games and created a marketplace for budget priced games.

Lasting memory: The first time I played Left 4 Dead 4 in couch co-op and we realized we could hit each other with frying pans in the safe room.

Lasting Memory 2: Feeling the epicness of Mass Effect

Assassin's Creed
Call of Duty series
Dragon Age: Origins
Gears of War series
Halo series
Left 4 Dead 2
Mass Effect series
Tomb Raider

Hidden Gems
DarkStar One
Raiden 4


#1 PlayStation 2
This is a reversal from previous lists I've done. Usually, I come down with Genesis in the top spot. But, PlayStation 2 did so many things right. The hardware was rock-solid and offered the option to shelve it horizontally or on end (I always kept it horizontal). I still have my original PS2, and it's as reliable as it was on Day 1. Overall, ot's the laundry list of wonderful games that puts PS2 in my top spot.
-It was backwards-compatible and even accepted PS1 controllers and memory cards.

Lasting Memory: Realizing the chaos that one could create in GTA3

Disgaea: Hour of Darkness
Final Fantasy X, XII
God of War
Grand Theft Auto series
Katamari Damacy
Kingdom Hearts
Metal Gear Solid 2/3
Ratchet & Clank

Hidden Gems
Arc the Lad
Atelier Iris
Disaster Report
Gradius V
R-Type Final
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PermalinkGTASC in review
It's been 3 weeks since Way Too Old For This bowed out of The Great TrueAchievement Score Challenge 2017 in 37th place (out of 355 original teams). The loss hurt, because I know we could have made it farther, but real life and some poor decisions caught up with us.

First, thanks to all my teammates: Kromork, Akire 93, mereel1, and Baby Shibs. We couldn't have made it as far as we did without everyone carrying the team at one point or another.

So what happened? We went out with 32,000 TA in unspent bonuses! In fact, we were one of only 5 or so teams that had won every bonus up to that point. (Great Teamwork!!) We were close to the cutoff line. I woke up late that morning, maybe 10 minutes before the cutoff to use bonuses. I knew one team member had no Internet access and would not be contributing that morning. I did not know that another team member had his TV die the night before and also would not be around.

Still, I knew it would be close, but I decided against using any bonuses. Unfortunately, as the one-hour mark passed, we got sniped by a lower team and found ourselves about a thousand below cutoff. Kromork and I both started playing Arcade Archives Series games and for reasons I can't explain, all achievements in those games refused to unlock, even after meeting requirements, for both of us. 30 minutes wasted.

By now, we were 1,700-ish below cutoff. We both decided to start Refunct Achievements (we had been holding it for a potential future bonus). Kromork unlocked one achievement. I was about to unlock the first when I came to the realization that it was over.

Fun Fact: our team went out in 37th place last year, too.

In other contest news, I'm still in GTASC 17 Individual, having already beat my 69th place finish from last year.

I'm also still in Leap Frog 2017 (safe in period 20 today)
I doubt I'll be in either competition a couple weeks from now, however. I start a new job Aug. 31, which will require more of my time, and I just don't care much about either competition beyond challenging myself to stay in. My heart is in the GTASC Team comp.
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PermalinkPeriod 28 Team Ratio Tracking
I wanted to monitor our team ratio for this week's bonus requiring 4.0 or better.

Way Too Old For This

Day 1 (6 days, 11 hours to go) 2,670 TA / 920 GS = 2.902 TA Ratio
- Not a bad start.
Math Fun: Elimination last week was just under 20,000 TA. At that rate, we would need 5,000 GS for 20,000 TA. Subtracting what we have now, we would have to maintain a 4.248 ratio the rest of the way!
Day 2 (5 days, 11 hours) 4,888 TA / 1,315 GS = 3.717
-Getting close. Kromork helped out a little bit with
Clicker HeroesZone conquerorKromorkThe Zone conqueror achievement in Clicker Heroes worth 880 pointsReach level 3.600
Other than that, he reminded everyone to take into account all those little achievements you pop on the way to high-ratio ones! They all count!
Moving forward, we need to unlock at a 4.1 pace to maintain a 4.0 ratio.
Day 3 (4 days, 12 hours) 6,800 TA / 1,630 = 4.172
OK, we got the ratio above 4! Now, we need to keep it there while scoring enough points to survive...
We still need to average a 3.9, so no slacking!

This challenge made me go back to the Lies of Astaroth campaign. Today, I unlocked
Lies of AstarothMystery ForestRedd FiveThe Mystery Forest achievement in Lies of Astaroth worth 351 pointsThree star all stages in Map 13.
Next, Torment for 12, 11, and 13 in that order. (I hear 11 in a bitch!)
Day 4 (3 days, 3 hours) 8,442 TA / 1,935 GS = 4.362
Ratio's looking good. Still need plenty of points I'm sure! We need to aim above 3.77 to maintain our 4.0 average.
Day 6 (1 day 13 hours) 14,075TA / 3,110 GS = 4.525
Ratio's looking pretty good. I'm currently downloading an update for Minecraft, then I'm going to try a few high-ratio achievements in that.

Let me tell you, last time I played Pool Nation FX, I stopped my endurance run to "save" some achievements. Last night, I couldn't get past 10 minutes! grrr!
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