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PermalinkWhat is a perfect album?
For those younger than 25, an "album" is a collection of songs which often are arranged to create an overarching mood or message. Before the 1990's, vinyl records and cassettes were popular and both featured two separate sides where music could be recorded, creating the opportunity for each side to become it's own mini album. In the early '90s, Compact Discs eliminated the separate sides, allowing artists to more easily create a continuous 74 minutes of music.

I've been debating the merits of a "perfect album" with co-workers for some time now. Of course, with anything this subjective, the rules are fluid, but I've come up with a few guidelines:

The album should:
-Create an emotional journey with highs and lows
-Contain an overarching theme
-Make the listener lose track of time/other emotions

The album should not:
-be a "greatest hits" record. The perfect album is about much more than a collection of hit singles.
-contain any tracks that disrupt the flow of the album
-contain any tracks that you frequently skip
-feature any tracks with a guest vocalist shoehorned in.

In short, a perfect album creates a pervasive emotional journey in which the listener can get lost. There are no wasted notes, songs, or moments. Not every song needs to be great, but everything must serve a role in creating the larger work that is the album. It does not need to tell a story like those often contained in "concept albums," although concept albums do hit many of my criteria by design.


I want to start creating the arguments for some of my perfect album selections, but first I'd love to hear any other criteria I should consider. I'd also like to hear your selections for perfect albums.
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