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OberindianerThe Suicide of Rachel FosterOberindianer completed the game The Suicide of Rachel Foster and is the 909th gamer on the site to complete it
GERMANlAK47GERMANlAK47 has reached a new milestone: 640,000 TrueAchievement Score
GERMANlAK47VisageGERMANlAK47 completed the game Visage
GERMANlAK47The Procession to CalvaryGERMANlAK47 completed the story in The Procession to Calvary
Sir PaulygonSir Paulygon has reached a new milestone: 15,500 Achievements Won
GERMANlAK47VisageGERMANlAK47 won 3 Achievements in Visage for 637 points
GERMANlAK47VisageVoid achievementGERMANlAK47 won the Void achievement in Visage for 196 points
GERMANlAK47VisageGERMANlAK47 completed the story in Visage
GERMANlAK47VisageGERMANlAK47 won 23 Achievements in Visage for 2839 points
GERMANlAK47VisageMirror mask achievementGERMANlAK47 won the Mirror mask achievement in Visage for 67 points
GERMANlAK47VisageDance, dance achievementGERMANlAK47 won the Dance, dance achievement in Visage for 394 points
GERMANlAK47VisageChapter: Lucy achievementGERMANlAK47 won the Chapter: Lucy achievement in Visage for 158 points
GERMANlAK47VisageSmile! achievementGERMANlAK47 won the Smile! achievement in Visage for 55 points
GERMANlAK47VisageGearing up! achievementGERMANlAK47 won the Gearing up! achievement in Visage for 68 points
RepentantHades7HITMAN 2RepentantHades7 won 2 Achievements in HITMAN 2 for 39 points
SSG WarriorNBA 2K23SSG Warrior won 3 Achievements in NBA 2K23 for 52 points
OberindianerOberindianer has reached a new milestone: 730,000 TrueAchievement Score
Sir PaulygonGoat Simulator (Xbox 360)Sir Paulygon won 17 Achievements in Goat Simulator (Xbox 360) for 924 points
xSirSkanksAlotxxSirSkanksAlotx has reached a new milestone: 9,500 Achievements Won
xSirSkanksAlotxDriver: San FranciscoxSirSkanksAlotx completed the game Driver: San Francisco and is the 1,375th gamer on the site to complete it

                  Status change by Sir Paulygon at 01:46 on 29 Sep 2022Sir Paulygon status: Uh oh. Xbox 360 achievement didn't sync over.
Comment by Sir Paulygon at 01:46 on 29 Sep 2022

Shows up unlocked in dashboard, but nowhere else. What's the usual troubleshooting steps to take?

Comment by Sir Paulygon at 01:49 on 29 Sep 2022

Fortunately, I can easily duplicate it because apparently deleting the profile is one way to go. Don't mind waiting it out for a few days if that works too.

GERMANlAK47VisageGERMANlAK47 started the game Visage
SKYFALL0Space Science InvestigationsSKYFALL0 won 17 Achievements in Space Science Investigations for 811 points
SKYFALL0Space Science InvestigationsSKYFALL0 completed the story in Space Science Investigations
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Gamerscore Week 40 2022 32,662 143,854 22.70
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