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PermalinkCome with me if you want to not die
I know this isn't the first time I've said it, but seeing the Lego Batman Movie (awesome btw) has put me in the mood to make some serious progress on my many incomplete Lego games. Batman 1 and 3, both Harry Potters, LOTR, Marvel... Plus Dimensions, which I actually own ALL of the DLC sets for already, but just haven't cracked the newer ones open yet. Maybe this month will be when I finally put away some of these Lego games...
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Ryuukishi634 earned 97 achievements in January 2017 for 4,440 Gamerscore worth 6,656 TA
Well, I knew aiming for 10-12k in a month was aggressive for me. :) Didn't quite get there but I am happy with completing Skyrim, Final Fantasy XV, and Just Sing, along with a couple of bite-size thousands. Tales of Berseria on PS4 is not helping and I'm probably going to be busy with that game for a week or two into February. Right now just focusing on streak maintenance, and whatever extra stuff I can squeeze in. I still want to run through Inside soon.
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PermalinkMid-January check-in
Halfway into January and suffice to say, I am not on track to meet my goal lol. However, I did finally finish the main story in Final Fantasy XV, and I'm well on my way to the 1000 in that game. That will put me at 5000/5000 for [non-MMO] Final Fantasy games on Xbox consoles.
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PermalinkFirst week of January check-in
2,420 points in January so far. Finished off Fragments of Him and Abzu, started Contrast, and a few other odds and ends. Definitely need to pick up the pace if I want to finish January with around 12,000 points; however, I've been sick recently so I've been going to bed pretty early most nights, and late night is when I get most of my gaming time in. So in that light, I don't feel too bad about it!
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PermalinkStart of 2017 goals
My goal for the first couple months of 2017 is to make a big push to 200,000 GS. Skyrim SE is finally down, so I can focus on knocking down many smaller games instead of one big one. I've got a few (relatively) quick completions in the backlog to bash out:

Fragments of Him
Valiant Hearts
Life is Strange (360)
The Turing Test
Monopoly Plus (Xbone and 360)

That's my initial roadmap, plus I'd like to resume grinding on the MANY Lego games I've still got sitting in the backlog. And of course, playing Final Fantasy XV and the many other campaigns that I'm halfway through right now.
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