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eohjayZOMBIeohjay won 2 Achievements in ZOMBI for 171 points
eohjayZOMBITower of London achievementeohjay won the Tower of London achievement in ZOMBI for 86 points
eohjayZOMBICrossbow Kill achievementeohjay won the Crossbow Kill achievement in ZOMBI for 85 points
eohjayUntitled Goose Gameeohjay has rated the game Untitled Goose Game 2.5 out of 5
Comment by eohjay at 22:45 on 23 Feb 2020

I just don't get the appeal? My youngest gets a kick out of it, and the dogs go postal at all of the honking. But, meh?

Comment by MathGuy42 at 01:01 on 24 Feb 2020

On Minecraft, I had to mute the TV when I was near ocelots. Their meowing angered my dog. lol.

eohjayZOMBIeohjay won 5 Achievements in ZOMBI for 409 points
eohjayZOMBIExpanded Backpack achievementeohjay won the Expanded Backpack achievement in ZOMBI for 74 points
eohjayZOMBIEpidemic achievementeohjay won the Epidemic achievement in ZOMBI for 65 points
eohjayZOMBIBuckingham Palace achievementeohjay won the Buckingham Palace achievement in ZOMBI for 61 points
eohjayZOMBIOutbreak achievementeohjay won the Outbreak achievement in ZOMBI for 19 points
eohjayZOMBIUnbreakable achievementeohjay won the Unbreakable achievement in ZOMBI for 189 points
ErichRunnerRiverbondErichRunner completed the game Riverbond and is the 3,163rd gamer on the site to complete it
ErichRunnerRiverbondCrystalwatchErichRunner completed the Crystalwatch DLC for Riverbond
ErichRunnerRiverbondErichRunner won 4 Achievements in Riverbond for 218 points
JerichoY2J321Injustice 2JerichoY2J321 won 2 Achievements in Injustice 2 for 120 points
JerichoY2J321The Sims 4JerichoY2J321 completed the game The Sims 4 and is the 381st gamer on the site to complete it
JerichoY2J321The Sims 4JerichoY2J321 has rated the game The Sims 4 4 out of 5
JerichoY2J321The Sims 4JerichoY2J321 won 28 Achievements in The Sims 4 for 1997 points
JerichoY2J321The Sims 4I, Spy achievementJerichoY2J321 won the I, Spy achievement in The Sims 4 for 102 points

                Status change by AngryManGamer at 15:01 on 23 Feb 2020AngryManGamer status: Would you class as getting all the achievement apart from the unobtainables as a completetion
Comment by A Big Radroach at 15:52 on 23 Feb 2020

Yes, hell. I call the base game as a completion if I don't want to play/buy the DLC.

MCRECORDS24Forza Street (Win 10)MCRECORDS24 has rated the game Forza Street (Win 10) 3.5 out of 5
oONeonDemonOoWolfenstein: YoungbloodoONeonDemonOo has rated the game Wolfenstein: Youngblood 2 out of 5
Comment by daamdaam45 at 15:31 on 23 Feb 2020

je comprend pas pourquoi mdr ^^

oONeonDemonOoWolfenstein: YoungbloodoONeonDemonOo completed the game Wolfenstein: Youngblood and is the 448th gamer on the site to complete it
TwashybucklesTwashybuckles has reached a new milestone: 230 Completed Games
TwashybucklesAmnesia: CollectionTwashybuckles completed the game Amnesia: Collection and is the 71st gamer on the site to complete it
Dont Copy MineWin StreakDont Copy Mine is currently on a 200 day achievement win streak
Comment by Dont Copy Mine at 21:41 on 23 Feb 2020

No, I'm not.. @TrueAchievement my achievement streak has been broken for quite some time. It needs to be rebuilt.. This happened because of the time when achievements

Comment by Dont Copy Mine at 21:42 on 23 Feb 2020

were unlocking in the future... I should be a little over 1200 days ..

eohjayUntitled Goose Gameeohjay completed the game Untitled Goose Game and is the 4,293rd gamer on the site to complete it
Unholy AngstFable HeroesUnholy Angst won 3 Achievements in Fable Heroes for 27 points
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