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People who know me well, know I am massive fan of Mass Effect. I am not a shamed to admit I am a massive fan boy, and would most likely say that people who don't like the games are fools!wink I am such a fan boy of the series that I still don't get why the ending of Mass Effect 3 caused such a problem for people back in the dayroll

When they announced that they was working on Mass Effect Andromeda, I was so buzzing with excitement. Over the next year or so, I have avoided all articles and trailers because I wanting to go into the game knowing nothing about its story, Characters etc... In fact it was only a month ago I became aware that it was being released this week.

As you can guess, for the last seven days I have been really excited. Last Thursday I noticed a lot of people was playing the game before release. It didn't click with me until Saturday that EA access members get a 10 hour trial of the game, for god sake... I have EA Access!!! I quickly downloaded the 43GB game (Thank god for my super fast internetwink). Unfortunately our team in the GTASC was currently at that time working towards earning a bonus, and I was only allowed to earn 2 more achievements for the period.... so I had so wait 30 odd hours to have a proper sit down with the game.

As of now, I have 8 hours clocked on Mass Effect Andromeda. First things first, there is a good game in Mass Effect Andromeda..... but I cant feel a little let down.

Why did they change the planetary scanning mechanics? Now you enter systems, and when you move from planet to planet in any given system, you are tortured with this little cut scene thingy, that you cant skip. Its not a big deal, but rather annoying!

My biggest issues are, facial expressions & characters models. Seriously Bioware, what the hell happened? I actually think that facial expressions & characters models in the original Mass Effect are far better.... and the original Mass Effect is almost 10 years old!shock

Ok let me clear this up a bit for you. Alien characters are fine in Mass Effect Andromeda, humans are where the problems lay. Humans in Mass Effect Andromeda look too plastic and have little facial expressions when interacting in dialog..... and what's with all the smiling/smirking???! Something bad happens.. your character turns and says with a smile '' that's awful, worst day ever'' FFS Bioware! Also the dialog is kind of poor from what I have already played, and add in the bad facial expressions, I have come to the conclusion that all human looking characters are indeed robotslaugh

Normally I can deal with these problems and plough on with it, but I keep getting distracted by the wooden expressions during story driven dialogangry Also I have noticed that some times characters tend to crouch slightly during cut scenes/conversations. Gun battles have improved, story seems interesting and the planets look sexy.

I wish Bioware stuck to using the Unreal Engine, Mass Effect Andromeda using Frostbite 3 doesn't sit right with me.... or perhaps Bioware are just are not familiar working with Frostbite 3.

Don't get me wrong, I have played enough to deicide that I will still pick myself a copy up on release day... but that might just be because of the fan boy deep in side me.
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