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                Status change by He A Good Boy at 04:56 on 01 Dec 2021He A Good Boy status: For all of Microsoft's posturing about game preservation, there are zero Forza Motorsport games available to purchase digitally now.
Comment by He A Good Boy at 04:57 on 01 Dec 2021

I get that licensing is a bitch, but you're the most profitable company in the world. Throw your weight around a little!

Comment by GTAmissions1 at 05:42 on 01 Dec 2021

Especially those that aren't aware of the cycle that Forza Motorsport games get delisted after four years and the previous release cycle of every two years with a new one

Comment by GTAmissions1 at 05:43 on 01 Dec 2021

They haven't produced a new Forza Motorsport game in 4 years. Was hoping that one was planned to coincide with the Xbox Series X as launch. Now came and gone.

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