Wow lol glad to see y'all still grinding. Keep at it scrubs


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sonnyliston1Destroy All Humans!sonnyliston1 completed the game Destroy All Humans! and is the 2,171st gamer on the site to complete it
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Jamal2807Injustice 2
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Bonien2Infliction: Extended CutBonien2 completed the game Infliction: Extended Cut and is the 273rd gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by Bonien2 at 19:57 on 02 May 2021

avoid this game lol :D boring as hell

Bonien2Infliction: Extended CutBonien2 won 19 Achievements in Infliction: Extended Cut for 1523 points
Jamal2807Injustice 2Jamal2807 won 3 Achievements in Injustice 2 for 180 points
sonnyliston1sonnyliston1 has reached a new milestone: 370,000 GamerScore
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KurronaJeopardy!Good Grades achievementKurrona won the Good Grades achievement in Jeopardy! for 52 points
KurronaJeopardy!Welcome achievementKurrona won the Welcome achievement in Jeopardy! for 52 points
KurronaJeopardy!Correct! achievementKurrona won the Correct! achievement in Jeopardy! for 50 points
KurronaJeopardy!Kurrona started the game Jeopardy!
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