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Finally picked up Halo Anniversary. Now to get Bioshock Infinite, Far Cry 3 and Skyrim GotY when it

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Top 10 Xbox 360 Games
Kind of bored. Decided to try and rank my favorite Xbox 360 games seeing as the next-gen consoles are rumored to be getting unveiled in the coming months. Only using one game per franchise for the top 10, although I have some extras in Honorable Mentions.

1) The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
I have yet to play Skyrim (stupid decision I know, but I figured I could wait til a GotY Edition came out), even so, I'm skeptical that it will be able to recreate that magic I felt when I first played Oblivion. Probably the first true RPG that I ever played, I was amazed by all the options I could choose from when I emerged from the sewers. Side quests, guilds, or even just wandering through the wilderness; I didn't even finish the main questline with my first character. I've probably put over a hundred hours into this game and I still haven't done everything.

2) Bioshock
When it comes to the traditional FPS experience, no game beats Bioshock (in my opinion). Probably the best story I've ever encountered in a video game, with amazing graphics and audio. So often you'll find a game that looks beautiful, but doesn't fully deliver in gameplay. This is not the case with Bioshock. The interaction of plasmids with the environment as well as weapons adds a level of depth that can't be found in any other FPS.

3) Halo 3
My family didn't have wifi when I first got my Xbox 360 (not that it would have mattered since the console didn't initially include the feature). Even so, I was more than thrilled with the single player campaign. I played through the campaign at least 3 times (normal, co-op legendary, metagames) before I even touched the multiplayer. But the moment I entered matchmaking it went to a whole new level. From my first kill, I was hooked, playing nothing else for a month. Its sad knowing that there will be a day when I can no longer experience this incomparable multiplayer.

4) Left 4 Dead
This was my first foray into Valve territory, and it made me a fan. Even though this game only had 4 campaigns when it was released. They were incredibly different. Playing through each of these levels on expert difficulty are some of the most intense and rewarding experiences I've encountered this generation. Its amazing how well 4 strangers can work together when facing a difficult challenge. Versus mode was also extremely entertaining.

5) Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
This is the game that reinvigorated what is now one of the most lucrative franchises in gaming history. Moving the traditional WW2 shooter into the modern day proved to be a very successful gamble. The campaign is still my favorite in my entire franchise, and even though I didn't get into CoD multiplayer until World at War, I still find myself coming back to this game time and time again.

6) Gears of War 2
I loved the first Gears of War, but Gears of War 2 improved everything. The combat was more visceral and satisfying, the weapons more balanced, and the campaign more rewarding. Although the multiplayer was not up to par when the game was first released, it eventually became the best part of the game. Many traditional game modes received a GoW twist, and lets not forget about Horde mode, which became a trend in many major game franchises.

7) Batman: Arkham Asylum
I've played Batman games on several different platforms, and I thought they were fairly entertaining. However, Batman: Arkham Asylum raised the bar. It blended the stealth, combat, gadgets, and detective work of Batman perfectly. The story wasn't amazing, but with a game this good, I was easy to forgive. I beat the game once and then instantly went back and played through on Hard, not something I normally do. The challenge maps added some bonus content to add on to experience.

8) Turok
This game was seen as a letdown by many reviewers, and I can see why, however I loved it. The campaign was fun, with plenty of dinos to kill, with soldiers and mutated insects thrown in. The combat knife and bow are extremely satisfying to use, resulting in silent takedowns. The multiplayer, while fairly barren nowadays, was fun to play, with dinosaurs running around most maps.

9) Fallout 3
I loved Oblivion, the thought of "Oblivion with guns" seemed intriguing, and it delivered. Roaming the Capitol Wasteland, shooting mutants was very entertaining. Like any other RPG, there were countless quests to complete and the karma system added a new layer of depth.

10) Dead Rising
One my first games for the Xbox, killing thousands of zombies with a multitude of weapons was a blast. Looking back, its amazing that no one implemented such an idea before. Surprisingly, guns were my least favorite implements of zombie death. I preferred using my bare hands, or random weapons lying around. One of my favorite memories from my first couple years with the Xbox was running around dressed as Mega Man, using the Mega Buster to obliterate zombies.

Honorable Mentions
-Bioshock 2
-Left 4 Dead 2
-Halo: ODST
-Call of Duty: World at War
-Fallout: New Vegas
-Halo Wars
-Aliens vs Predator
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