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Hello Few and Dear Readers (and Nutmeg the Cat who is currently watching me type this, and also trying to type her own paragraph by walking across the keyboard) smile

First let’s start with some legalese:

The Protection from Harassment Act 1997, Section 8, Subsections 1 and 3 respectively states:

(1) Every individual has a right to be free from harassment and, accordingly, a person must not pursue a course of conduct which amounts to harassment of another and—
(a) is intended to amount to harassment of that person; or
(b) occurs in circumstances where it would appear to a reasonable person that it would amount to harassment of that person.

(3)For the purposes of this section—
“conduct” includes speech;
“harassment” of a person includes causing the person alarm or distress; and
a course of conduct must involve conduct on at least two occasions.

Anyone still awake after that? You may be thinking SUBM0NKEY – Why would you put that in a blog? Are you trying to bore us? No, although it may be an unwelcome side effect. I’m putting it because some people clearly don’t know what harassment is, and if they can’t understand the word in a day to day setting (try Wikipedia if you’re really struggling) , maybe they’ll find themselves dealing with in a legal framework instead.

We have a generally good gaming community on TrueAchievements and on the Xbox 360, but there a few rotten apples. Sure, you might have to deal with or listen to people you don’t like (Mute is a godsend I tell you) but surely you shouldn't take any pleasure in repeatedly causing distress to another, What does it say about you if you are such a person?

And please, don’t try and justify your behavior by saying – for examples sake – “I’m only doing it because this person got me banned for x and y”. Do you think that merits your conduct? If we follow that logic than a convicted criminal is justified in assaulting a person who gave evidence in that court that contributed to their conviction. If that is your opinion, then you are- plain and simple - the type of moron that keeps me gainfully employed.

I try and be a nice person on Xbox Live. I accept I’m not a Paragon of Virtue (although my Jane Sheppard of Mass Effect fame is) but I try. I challenge unacceptable conduct, and encourage you all to do the same. Use your Judgement. In a party I once heard from someone other than me saying “You should not say that. SUBM0NKEY doesn’t care for stereotypes”. Well, glad you could challenge – but could you try “SUBM0NKEY doesn’t care for unacceptable behavior and nor do I” next time (Okay you can work on the phrasing, it does sound a little mechanical). But surely we should exist in such a place we can challenge without fear.

Gaming is about fun. Let’s try and make this an enjoyable gaming experience for all, and try growing up. Right, for now I’m off to get an achievement for beating people to death with a Dildo...

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