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PermalinkUKTC Champions League 18th June
Another competition over and I had another awesome time, came home with a bronze and gold medal this time! Absolutely chuffed with myself.
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PermalinkUKTC Champions League
Yesterday, the 14th May, I took part in the UKTC Champions League for the first time since I started Taekwondo a few months ago, my nerves are still recovering but I'm glad that I pushed myself to go and take part, getting out of my comfort zone is something I needed to do rand I had a great day because of it.

I came home with 2 medals, not bad for my first time there and something I certainly didn't expect to win.
It was a fantastic experience and I'll definitely be going again!
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PermalinkSonic Time Twisted!
Time for something new!

This Sonic fan game has long been in development but it has recently surfaced and completed, had I not known beforehand that it was a fan game I may have never known, it feels like an official Sonic game and plays perfectly.
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The storyline is actually really interesting, set in an alternate timeline, Time Twisted takes place after the destruction of the Death Egg and the death of Dr. Robotnik, Metal Sonic intends to revive his master using some form of alien technology, to do this he takes control of the badniks to wage battle against Sonic and his friends, Sonic and Co. must stop Metal Sonic at all costs.

After you begin you're brought to a character and zone selection screen, much like in Sonic 3:
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You have 3 characters to choose from:

Sonic the Hedgehog
Play as Sonic with all the moves from the Megadrive games. Spindash, Super Peelout and Insta Shield are present in addition to shield powerup moves.

Miles "Tails" Power
Play as Tails with his ability to fly and attack enemies with his spinning tails.

Knuckles the Echidna
Play as Knuckles with the ability to glide and climb walls, additionally Knuckles can now take out enemies at high speeds with his whirling arms.
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There are nine zones in total:

- Attraction Attack Zone
- Raging Ruins Zone
- Frigid Fortress Zone
- Viridian Valley Zone
- Drifting Dynamo Zone
- Tidal Tubes Zone
- Sunken Saucer Zone
- Planetary Panic Zone
- ??? Zone (The final zone I'm guessing?)

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I have played the first three, they are well designed, fun and enjoyable, not too hard but not too easy either, and then of course there are the special stages which there are two types of:

- Chaos Emerald Stages
- Time Stone Stages

You will find big rings, again similar to those seen in Sonic 3, in the past and future areas of each zone, these will teleport you to the special stages, for time stone stages, find the rings in the past, for chaos emerald stages, find the big rings in the future.
In each special stage you will be pitted in a race against Metal Sonic, where you will be given the chance to win an emerald or stone depending on which stage you have entered.
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Shields are back!
Those beautiful, useful shields from Sonic 3 have made a glorious return, with some new additions:

Bubble Shield
Perform a bounce attack as Sonic and survive underwater without air.

Lighting Shield
Double jump with Sonic, draw rings towards the player and avoid harm from electric attacks.

Fire Shield
Dash Left and Right with Sonic and avoid fire attacks.

Wind Shield
Fly like Nights for 10 seconds as Sonic.

Rock Shield
Bounce rocks at your enemies as Sonic and avoid damage from spikes.

Ice Shield
Launch an ice attack as Sonic to freeze enemies in place for a limited time.
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The soundtrack is also top notch, it's rare to find a Sonic game, even fan made games, without a good soundtrack to go along with it, I definitely noticed myself tapping along as I played.

I definitely recommend this game to everyone who enjoys the traditional Sonic game, even to those who prefer his more modern outings.

Hats off to Overbound and all involved on a very well made Sonic fan game.
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PermalinkSonic Forces - Classic Sonic gameplay
We've seen Modern Sonic in action in Sonic Forces, and now we get to see a run through Green Hill Zone with Classic Sonic, I absolutely love the original Sonic games in their 2D glory, but I really do enjoy his 3D outings too, Generations was absolutely fantastic and Forces looks like it's following the same path.

With Mania right around the corner too, I have an exciting time ahead with Mania and Forces both being released this year.

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