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10.000 achievements
I really dont know how to start this, 10.000 achievements, been playing since the start of Xbox 360 and Hexic, it is such a milestone for me.

As with all my previous milestones it had to be a Halo achievement that got me there, 100k and 200k were both Halo achievements and now a Halo 3 achievement in MCC got me to 10k which is fitting because my achievements obsession all started with Halo 3 back in 2007.

I have been tracking my achievement milestones for many many years and to finally put number 10.000 on it feels really f-n good. So moving on from here, I really have been slowing down with achievement during the Xbox One generation only focusing on getting my completion ratio up, but getting to 10.000 and being so close to 250k is really bringing back some 360 achievement hunting feelings. Hitting 250k before 2020 might be a little tough but I'm going to give it shot.

Have a nice summer!

1st Flower Child (Hexic HD)
500th Retail Therapy (GTA 4)
1000th Heavy Artillery (Tekken 6)
1500th The Benefits of Civilization (Red Dead Redemption)
2000th Old School (Monkey Island 2: LR)
2500th Friends With Benefits (Portal 2)
3000th Tactician (Assassins Creed: Reveleations)
3500th Corruption (Green Lantern)
4000th Bolt, Speak! (Bolt)
4500th Under Pressure (Deadlight)
5000th Will Wreck for Food And Gold (Wreckateer)
5500th Stargazer (Defiance)
6000th Moving On (Walking Dead: Season 2)
6500th Balaho's Most Wanted (Halo: MCC)
7000th Mixed Accolades (Pure Pool)
7500th Shiny... (Halo: MCC)
8000th Murderer Torturer Monster (Diablo III)
8500th Its a Start (Gears of War 4)
9000th Monster Hunter (Minecraft)
9500th Calamaty Kid (Bastion)
10.000th Ranger (Halo 3 MCC)

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