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Interesting/frustrating week + Snap Attack
I almost had a heart attack last weekend when I was playing Snap Attack all night to get it done before the May 18 server closure deadline. I was at around 2.4 million points and was so glad I was almost done, when all of a sudden Snap Attack tells me that there is a problem and cannot connect to Xbox.

At first, I just assumed it was a Xbox Live server issue or my Internet being weird. So, I first checked my Internet connection which was just fine. Then, I waited a little thinking it will just re-connect after a bit. It didn't work, so I closed Snap Attack and re-opened and it was same. On Windows Phone, same. So, I opened the Xbox app and it was giving me some error. At that point, I knew something was wrong. I thought the error was related to my profile being corrupted or something, so I started Googling. The first step I found to troubleshoot was to log in to, and the message that greeted me was that I was hit with an enforcement action which was a permanent ban for marketplace theft. :(

I've been a long time member since the first day of Xbox 360 in 2015, and I have never once stolen any content. I've only ever gotten one refund which was a complete mistake music purchase and the refund was requested less than 5 minutes after I bought the album. So, I started thinking why this action might have been taken and the only thing that came to mind was a G2A purchase of Xbox Live 12 months made in March.

I saw that there was an option to appeal, so I put in an appeal saying that I have not done any such theft activity. They came back to me the next day (on a weekend!) with a code that they thought was stolen. So, I checked out the code and as I suspected, it was a G2A purchase. I gathered up all the proof of purchase and submitted that as evidence that I purchased the code and it was not stolen (at least not by me). After another 2 days of waiting, they decided to overturn the case and unban me.

I learned my lesson... don't buy from shady places like G2A to save a few bucks. (It was the cheapest I've seen in years ($31) and that should have already been a warning sign, but I was being the good old cheap ass.

Anyway, I'm not happy that I lost a few days of gaming + a lot of sleep over this, but am happy to have my account back. I will stay far far far away from sites like G2A and just buy from Microsoft, Amazon, Best Buy, etc.

Finally, if you think it's too late to start Snap Attack, think again. I was able to score more than 1 million by playing like 5 hours a day and focusing on creating 4-5 letter words that use double or triple word tiles and then snapping two letter tiles to that word. I had some help with finding long words with some anagram sites. With this I was constantly scoring 5000-10000 per game if not more. You need 500 games played anyway if you are starting from scratch, so if you are averaging 5000 per game, you will have 2.5 million after 500 games. That means you do need to play at least 50 games per day since there's only 2 weeks left before the server goes down. Since each game lasts a little over 3 minutes, 50 games is about 3 hours. Obviously you can do more and finish even faster. It's still definitely doable. Mom of the rest of the achievements should come as you go for the score. The only two you might not get by luck is to play Wordament in more than one language, and getting all the shapes, but you can knock that out in like 2 hours fairly easily.
Posted by Sangriaz on 03 May 18 at 12:16 | There are 7 comments on this blog post - Please log in to comment on this blog.

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Stealth David shared the news item The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit Won't Have Achievements at 12:18 on 25 Jun 2018Stealth David shared the news item The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit Won't Have Achievements
Comment by Stealth David at 12:18 on 25 Jun 2018

One less game for the back log then smile

Comment by BiLLzuMaNaTi at 12:22 on 25 Jun 2018

Lol exactly. I didn’t want to play it anyway

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Slayer Reigning shared the news item The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit Won't Have Achievements at 11:30 on 25 Jun 2018Slayer Reigning shared the news item The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit Won't Have Achievements
Comment by MANIAN 3D at 11:48 on 25 Jun 2018

Absolutely disgraceful and disgusting.

Comment by Stealth David at 12:09 on 25 Jun 2018

No achievements no play

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                  Status change by Chris8875 at 11:27 on 25 Jun 2018Chris8875 status: The AI in this game is insufferably bad. This close to giving up.
Comment by Rhyolitic at 11:53 on 25 Jun 2018

The lack of respawn points and easy respec'ing is inexcusable. I wish to have words with the designer of this...thing...full of bugs, glitches, and exploits.

                  Status change by QuickMythril at 11:15 on 25 Jun 2018QuickMythril status: 2 month no-achievement streak?
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Comment by Inferno118 at 11:20 on 25 Jun 2018

This many neogeos is toxic to the soul

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