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PermalinkSeptember 2019 Wrap-Up
Another month is coming to and end! There is still one more day, so I may squeeze in one more completion, but I'm posting this wrap-up now. Will edit if there is any changes.

As always, these are games that I completed during the month, some games were started a long time ago.

1. Legend of the Skyfish
2. Solo: Islands of the Heart
3. Sagebrush
4. The Tower of Beatrice
5. Himno
6. Path of Sin: Greed
7. Gnomes Garden: Lost King
8. Agent A: A puzzle in disguise
10. ACA NEOGEO THRASH RALLY (Win 10) - I was dreading this as I had a lot of trouble on Xbox, but was surprisingly easy with keyboard controls.
11. Madden NFL 20 - Finished during gold free weekend! Couple achievements were very confusing and difficult for me but TA walkthrough + guides helped me a great deal. As always, thank you to the community!
12. DISTRAINT: Deluxe Edition
14. Restless Hero
15. Overcooked! 2 - Damn fine game. Loved every minute of it. Sad to see the last piece of season pass DLC is out and likely there will be no more with achievements.
16. Super Star Blast
17. We Were Here - Thanks to my good friend Xlain SS. Looking forward to sequel.
18. King's Quest - Finally completed King's Quest. As much as I love Sierra and King's Quest series, I miss the good old days of Ken and Roberta Williams at Sierra-On-Line.
19. Apocalipsis: The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil
20. Trüberbrook - Very nice adventure game.
21. Shantae: Half-Genie Hero - I have pretty much every Shantae in existence, but this was the first time I really "played" the game. I loved it so much that I bought all the DLC and plan to play the Ultimate Edition as well as the other Shantae game on Xbox One. Also looking forward to the next game. (Already tried on iPhone and it's great!)
23. A Winter’s Daydream - Loved pressing A... Might read the story later. As you know, I love reading books.
24. The Jackbox Party Pack 5 - Zeeple Dome! Curse you! Found a cheese method and posted a solution. Fairly painless with this.
26. The Jackbox Party Pack 2 - Same as pack 5 but with Bomb Corps. Thanks to the solution, it was bearable, but I kept making very stupid mistakes.
27. Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite - XPA. PC/X1 self boosting. Fighting against myself is so easy... I'm such a n00b and OP at the same time.

1. Jigsaw Zen - Nice jigsaw puzzles and very relaxing. Easy/quick platinum. Made a guide for this.
2. Habroxia (JP) - Should probably be labeled (Asia) as I played the one from the Korean store. Decent shmup game.

1. I Will Make You Lose Weight - Japanese novel about diet consultant who teaches you to change your mind rather than just cutting calories or exercising more to lose weight.
2. A Bowl of Kake-soba - Apparently, this is a popular Japanese children's novel. I only found out recently by accident and read it. Very touching story. You can read here in English -
3. Conversation with a Zen Master - Pomnyun goes around the world and takes Q&A session with people. It is arranged into a book that gives insights on how to lead a better/happier life. I read volume 1 here and volume 2 is recently out. He also has a Youtube channel which I found to be very helpful.
4. Crazy Rich Asians - I try to read the book rather than watch the movie. I thought this was an interesting read. Especially since I've visited Singapore a few times and knew the locations discussed in the book. Will be reading the 2nd and 3rd novels soon.
5. Walking Man, Jeongwoo Ha - Actor/Director Jeongwoo Ha is obsessed with walking. He tells the story of how he became a walking man and why he loves it. He normally walks 30,000 steps every day which is just amazing.

Currently, I'm reading Anne of Green Gables, Natsume Soseki's Kokoro. I am playing Stellatum and as always there are handful of easy games that I could start and complete in a few hours. These are probably some possible completions to be added to the list.

I was so glad to have finished some of the long outstanding backlog titles for Xbox. Really enjoyed all of the books I read. October is hopefully another good month!
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PermalinkBack to YouTube Redux
If you have been following my feed, I have been playing some older titles, and not too many of the newer games except for some easy 1k like Ratalaika/NeoGeo. The reason I went back to those games is that I was quite burned out by playing all of the new releases in a rush to get a video out.

Truth of the matter is that my life has changed since marriage and I have less time to play games and create videos compared to when I was single. I guess I was in denial and tried to do as much as I used to, which I was able to pull off at times, but mostly failed. Just like most people, I do not enjoy failing to meet a goal, so I kept getting depressed and kept pushing myself harder.

However hard I try, I can't be a worker, husband, achievement hunter, YouTuber and expect the same output that I used to. Also, I needed to play some games for fun rather than just for achievements. I'm in a much better state after a couple of months of some great games such as Shovel Knight, DJ Max Respect, and Shantae: Half Genie Hero.

I do plan to come back very soon to YouTube and mostly be doing short videos that preview the games. I will of course try to point out achievements whenever possible. Time permitting, we will definitely try to do guides/walkthroughs. As always, September~November is great month for gamers and I see sooooo many games that I want to try. Will do my best to cover some of those in video form!

See you all soon!
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PermalinkRestless Hero Review
I am writing this review after playing 15 levels of the game which I believe is the half-way point. The Hidden Levels was provided with a review code of the game. This in no way influences my opinions on the game.

Platformer filled with traps and enemies. It was enjoyable enough but definitely has flaws. You are equipped with one of three different type of spells, of which I found only the 2nd one useful which is the ability to destroy enemies or obstacles. The other spell makes you become invincible for a bit of time, and the third spell heals you.

You only have move left, right, jump. Simple enough. However, when you press the jump button it takes about 0.5 seconds to actually jump. For some reason on Xbox One X the game lagged in the menus and took a bit of time after I pressed a button. This was not the same case on Windows 10. The game is Xbox Play Anywhere, so I advise you to play on Windows 10 if you have a choice. However, there is a separate control problem on Windows 10 in that you need to press Spacebar to unpause the game if you ever get paused. You also need to use the mouse to click on "DONE" if you ever go into Settings menu. Everything should be possible with Keyboard, mouse, or controller. Why this mix?

I didn't hear any sound/music. Is it a bug or something wrong with my set up?

Clean 2D style retro graphics. It does its job well.

Level layout seems always the same. There are some variety to enemies but not much. May be adding a difficulty option for those who want a challenge like 1 heart mode where you die with 1 hit or no spell mode where you can't use any spells?

Why the hell do I need to "CLAIM" achievements? Just unlock when I meet the conditions. I thought my game bugged when I clearly collected more than 10 gold but no achievements. Also, upgrading power and achievement is on the same screen and does not refresh when I upgrade a power. I actually have to upgrade a power, complete a level, and then come back to the achievement screen to see it updated.

Daily bonus? It resets every 5 minutes and you can keep picking up the bonus. Why is this called daily bonus in the first place?

All in all, enjoyable platformer game, that is very bare bones. I think with some minor improvements/tweaks, it can be a lot better. At the current state, I'd give this game a 5 out of 10.
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PermalinkSeptember 2019 Plan
I'm still without TV, so my gaming will be kind of limited until I can rectify that situation. Streaming works well but it does occasionally lag out and makes it tough to play. Also, I never set up remote play for Playstation, so I can't play any PS4 games, so while I will have a limited number of PS games in the plan, it may or may not be feasible.

- DJ Max Respect: Really, really want to play this. Been waiting for sale forever. Picked it up, but TV dead.
- Our World is Ended (EU): Need to complete this and finish the walkthrough video.
- Neptune vs Zombie Blanc (Vita)(KR): Was playing this when I got side tracked by Shovel Knight.

- River City Girls: I love River City Ransom. Cannot wait to try this one out!
- King's Quest: Still got ep 4 & 5 to finish off. I also own the Xbox 360 version as well, but let's get this X1 ver done first.
- Gears of War 4: I know... Gears 5 is coming out. I haven't played any Gears 4, so I want to do the campaign first before starting Gears 5.
- Spellspire: Don't expect to finish in September. Long term project with goal to complete it by end of 2019. Currently at Dungeon Level 21.

The usual Ratalaika, NeoGeo, easy gamerscore games, I will play as they come, but above games I want to try and focus on.

- Happy For No Reason: Just interested in the topic of "happy"
- Yadanbeopseok: Buddhist monk Beopryun answers people's questions on the spot about various topics.
- Anne of Green Gables: There was an exhibition in Korea about Anne of Green Gables which lead me to get interested in the book.

There are few books that I'm currently reading which I'll continue on. You can see all my reading things on Goodreads, Playstation on TT, Xbox on TA.

Any comments? Any suggestions/recommendations?
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PermalinkAugust 2019 Wrap-Up
I completed 19 Xbox One games, read 9 books. Pretty solid month. I'm proud to have achieved:

1. 150th Xbox completion of 2019: Varenje.
2. 52nd book read (1 book a week goal achieved): I'm someone's precious daughter too. (Korean literal translation)
3. High ratio completions: Killer Instinct, Shovel Knight (XB1), Supermarket Shriek, Downwell. Especially happy about Killer Instinct. I bought Xbox One because of KI.

You can see games I completed right here on TA: Sangriaz's Games

You can see books I read on Goodreads:

Curious what am I playing/reading in September? Blog post coming soon!
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