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PermalinkCompletion #1015: The Disney Afternoon Collection
Collection of 6 games based on Disney cartoons that aired in the afternoon in the US. The included games are: DuckTales 1 & 2, Chip and Dale: Rescue Rangers 1 & 2, Darkwing Duck, and Tale Spin.

These were games that I grew up playing back in the day, and it was a no brainer, day one buy for me. The price was $19.99 for the collection, which I thought was a good price for 6 games. However, some might think that due to their age (released from 1989-1995) that it should have been cheaper.

Achievements wise, it is very simple and straight forward. Although time attack is included, one would have a hard time going over 2 hours in any of these games unless you set the controller down without pausing for an hour or something. It is definitely a collection that is created by someone who loves these games and the achieves are designed to give you some challenge but not to create stress.

I had a lot to say about this collection which is hard to put down in words, so here is a video. I also wanted to show you all the games and all the modes, so you can check that out as well.

You might solve a mystery or rewrite history
Duck Tales, Oo-oo

I love that theme song!
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PermalinkCompletion #1013 & #1014: ACA Neo Geo Over Top & Fatal Fury 2
Another week, another Neo Geo. Once again, these are fairly easy, and quick 1000.

I've never played Over Top before, so I had some trouble with the game. Fatal Fury 2 was really easy, especially with the tips found on this very site. Thank you!

Over Top: Difficulty 3/10. Hours: 1-2. Trying a new thing and doing a short video.

Fatal Fury 2: Difficulty 1/10. Hours: 1. Once again, video.

Have fun and Conqer the World! Victoly!
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PermalinkCompletion #1012: Aaero
Game Preview:

Shooting + Rhythm. It brought me back memories of Rez. One of my favorite games on Dreamcast / PS2. I really enjoyed this game. The game does a lot of things well, although it is not without faults. Some earlier tracks seemed too hard compared to the later ones. The mechanism of using right stick to aim made it kind of hard to aim center. (Maybe changing the control so the aim is always on screen, but holding down LT or RT is used for lock on and release fires the missile?) I struggle to find faults to be honest, and these minor annoyances don't really distract from the fun.

It should take an average gamer around 15 hours to complete the game. I'd give this a difficulty of 5/10 due to Alpha Centauri on the Master difficulty being one bitch of a track.

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PermalinkCompletion #1011: ACA NeoGeo Sengoku 2
Another Thursday, another ACA NeoGeo, another completion.

Very easy game. Less than 1 hour. Difficulty 2/10. (Hi Score can give a bit of trouble.)

Not really much to say. If you enjoy easy gamerscore/completion, most of the ACA NeoGeo games are for you. (I found Sengoku and Big Turf to be very difficult, but rest were easy.)
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PermalinkCompletion #1010: Abzu

Beautiful, undersea exploration game. I enjoyed the visuals, but I was bored as hell while playing this game. Thanks to Maka91, who made it bearable, and easy completion.

The game takes about 2 hours, Difficulty 1/10. (This is of course with a guide. Without a guide, it will take longer, but the difficulty is still low as I don't think you can die in this game at all.)

PS. It is showing as completion #1010 for me because I "completed" Walking Dead Season 3 up to episode 3. My setting for completion is set as Including DLC I own, so each episode of episodic game as I completion, and then when I start the next episode, it does -1 and adds +1 when I complete that episode. I am changing this to 1010th completion to match what TA says, and will write about Walking Dead Season 3 after completing the final episode.
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