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Since I wrote the burn out blog post, many people commented / messaged me and I want to thank you all. It was very helpful to hear your thoughts and words of encouragement.

I guess having done the Youtube thing with The Hidden Levels for nearly 4 years now, I feel like I am just walking in circles, never really going anywhere. I thought about it for awhile, and while I love the contents that I'm doing, there's not much consistency or direction. Sometimes we would put out tons of videos and then go on radio silence for a month. Sometimes we would cover a bunch of Steam games and then Xbox games and then PS4 games, etc.

In June, a lot of things happened, and I've been quite busy with work + my equipments decided to all fail on me. I ordered new work notebook, new personal notebook, etc to replace them. I should be getting them next week, so it will be an interesting week of installing software and updating everything.

I came to conclusion that we need to re-focus and be more consistent, so we are planning some things starting July that we are not yet ready to reveal. We will resume the easy games on sale for sure, but hope to do other things. :)

As for gaming goals, etc, I used to write a blog post each week/month, which I plan to resume next week as well as we get closer to end of June.

Thanks for reading!
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I could use some real constructive criticism/suggestions here from everyone here.

As a big fan of Xbox and gaming in general, I have always enjoyed gaming. What I love even more than gaming might be to help others with a walkthrough/guide/etc.

I've been doing the YouTube thing for awhile, and I've written guides here and other sites for various games. I only try to help but some times I see very negative comments and sometimes videos get little views compared to similar video on other channels with smaller subscriber base.

Not quoting exactly but I heard that I'm hard to work with and that I often make disruptive comments that cause disputes. Also, someone told me that my posts/comments make them uncomfortable. There were no exact details in these and I've never even talked directly with these people, so I have no idea what made them think this way of me.

I'm just asking for help here from everyone who is reading this:
- Do I write/talk in some way that puts people off? (Whether this is in a YouTube video or in a blog post or in a comment)
- Is there anything I can do to improve my videos, guides so that they can reach out to more people? (Quality wise, schedule wise, or may be utilizing some sort of social media or whatever)

Really really need the insight from some experts.

Thank you for reading!
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