Stop giving me TA challenge xD. I need to be off my Xbox


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Backlog Slayer #2
Day 1: One completion
Day 2: Two 50g achievements
Day 3: Three 3.0 or higher ratio achievements
Day 4: Four achievements in XBLA games
Day 5: Five achievements in racing games
Day 6: Six 10g achievements
Day 7: Seven achievements in seven different games
Day 8: Eight achievements each with a higher gamerscore than the last

Day 9: Nine achievements from games starting with the letter "N"
Day 10: Ten achievements each starting with the last letter of the achievement earned before it
Day 11: Eleven achievements with each achievement’s first letter spelling out QUADSALLDAY, in order
Day 12: Twelve achievements that are less than or equal to twelve characters long

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                Status change by SchiZoPHreNiikz at 15:15 on 28 May 2020SchiZoPHreNiikz status: Stop giving me TA challenge xD. I need to be off my Xbox
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Comment by TeslaMotorsMan at 00:27 on 28 May 2020

Happy TA B Day!

Comment by NumbPsycho at 02:05 on 28 May 2020

B Day!

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Comment by Vr English at 11:16 on 27 May 2020

Killing it. Hope you're good man!

Comment by BattleBladeWar at 14:31 on 27 May 2020

Thank you sir!!! 😁 and yes, I am doing pretty good so far. How you been lately buddy? Everything still going alright? I heard it’s kinda crazy in the uk atm

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