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The not The Rundown because I am posting from my phone... so most likely you will never se this...
The Rundown season 3 or 4 is still on hold. It might be 5 I don't keep track... Whatever it's not as if more than one person reads it.

So in other news... I highly recommend anyone who has the spare time available. Also known as infinite amounts.... Should give FFXI a shot. I hop on from time to time and with only just under 2 months left... You will be hard pressed to find any free time if you start now. Definitely a 500+ hour endeavor... Well maybe 300-400 if you are lucky. As always ask Darrc (Darrcyphfeid) for any help. He loves that stuff... Well actually I just like WOAH WOAH WOAH! IT ADDS PEOPLES SKYPE NAMES TO THE PHONE DICTIONARY! HOLY FRIGG! THAT IS FANTASTIC!!! NO WONDER IT KNEW DARRC'S NAME! So that was kind of intense... Anyways as I was saying I enjoy making Darrc think about FFXI just in hopes he returns... Oh good times... But seriously he knows his stuff.

With the FFXI stuff out of the way... Dark Souls II is finally finished. It was good. I will save my full thoughts for rundown part 20 or wherever it ends up... Uhhh. Yeah it was good...

Next on the list... Halo... The Master Chief Collection... Since someone was a fool!... (yeah that's right! You know who I'm talking about!)... And decided to make a challenge against me... (...Devi... That is you if you didn't know... Don't worry I wont sell you out...) I had to make a challenge back... I may have just played too much Ghost Recon... Old habits die hard... So now I am putting my main focus on Halo... So if there is anyone out there who is really good or really lucky and wants to go through Legendary All Skulls On or even just speed runs... Let me know. Because hell... I may be a fan boy.... But I can't get past the first room in Cairo Station with all skulls... Oh man we almost lost all progress!!! But its still here!

And I guess the only other thing I can think of... Uhhh... I will wait to see what happens with the Minecraft iron stomach achievement before I look for a solution... Yeah... Let's go with that...

Oh the auto suggestions for my phone have been pretty good. Lets see what it can come up with... Nevermind it's not that great... I got like a full paragraph of a run on sentence earlier when I was writing this.

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Comment by Bill 13 at 06:57 on 02 Dec 2022

Man you're a sucker for punishment!

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Comment by Spirochaete at 21:17 on 01 Dec 2022

happy how easy the targets are this month.

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Comment by Spirochaete at 21:18 on 01 Dec 2022

hope for an easy 11 more days of Christmas wave

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Comment by RumbleFish10 at 22:17 on 01 Dec 2022

Everyone is on a Turtles craze these days! I need to jump on this train.

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