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Comment by FullMoonBeaver at 19:49 on 06 Dec 2022

A great game and a satisfying completion.

Comment by Ratpoizen at 13:19 on 07 Dec 2022

Not sure where to start. Did you just try and survive 25 or 30 mins on the first few levels?

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Comment by Lost Legends at 00:39 on 06 Dec 2022

hated this at first , but kinda ended up not midning it in the end. still not nearly as fun as I'd hoped for. homing rockets & sniper nemies can go to hell

Comment by Mister Buds at 00:43 on 06 Dec 2022


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Comment by Peixe Balao at 00:24 on 06 Dec 2022


Comment by AndreFlash83 at 11:32 on 06 Dec 2022

Parabéns bro, tudo de bom pra vc nesse dia especial toast

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