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Using Project My Screen on Windows 10 1803
Recently, I started working to complete my last two Angry Birds games on Windows Phone and hit a wall where the only achievements left were best performed by macro. The default go-to for using macros on a Windows Phone is Project My Screen, to broadcast the signal via USB to the computer, and using whatever your favorite macro problem may be depending on complexity or familiarity.

However, with the recently Windows 10 1803 update, Project My Screen no longer works! It'll connect to the phone, but nothing will show up on the display. This is true whether you use Windows Phone 8 or Windows 10 Mobile for an OS. So, I went digging and found that this was recently reported, and via a few developments a replacement has been made by the community (details in this thread):

It's possible to use the Connect app with a Miracast-enabled phone and computer to accomplish this Wireless, but that solution does not work with a Windows Phone 8 device, which was my intended target.

To make a long story short:
Project My Screen is dead. Please use the (superior) replacement here:!AsNY9CSRTH0roqhZlAT6e9xFN8KmHg

Good luck to those still persevering and using a Windows Phone in 2018!
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