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PermalinkWorkaround to Unlock Xbox Achievements on Despicable Me: Minion Rush (WP)
After the update to v4.0+ in Despicable Me: Minion Rush (WP), Gameloft purposefully removed the Xbox integration, which meant that everyone was forced to upgrade to play but lost the ability to unlock Xbox achievements. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find a way to disable the forced update, but I have found a workaround that allows for Xbox achievements to be unlocked on versions earlier than v4.0.

Must have a version of the game installed on a version earlier than v4.0+ (Tested with

This method does not allow for Facebook integration. Unfortunately, Facebook requires the client to be updated.
This method requires usage of Airplane Mode for forced offline play, which means that Internet and Cellular will be disabled while playing the game.

From Fresh Start:
1) Start the game with Internet connection enabled. Advance through the intro, while it does the download. Eventually, a popup prompting you to download the update will appear. If it shows up with a solid-color background, close the game and relaunch it.
2) A popup will be received prompting you to download the latest update, but there will be activity still occurring in the background. Sit here while files download in the background. Once the background turns to a solid color, close the app.
3) Disable the internet connection (e.g. Airplane Mode).
4) Launch the game, and play through the first jelly lab and reach Minion Beach. Select to play the stage, and a prompt to download the map will appear.
5) Re-enable the Internet connection (turn off Airplane Mode), and switch back to the game. Keep trying to press Download Content, and dismiss the Internet connection popups, until the connection is made and it attempts to download. You'll see a percentage and progress bar come up if this occurs. The standard update popup will appear in front of this. Just let it sit.
6) Eventually, the background download will time out. However, this causes the upgrade popup to be dismissed. If this doesn't work (it's not 100%), repeat steps 4-5.
7) Back out and enter the Settings menu (the Cog button), and download the maps for offline play. You may wish to download only the maps needed at that time, if you want to retain the ability to reconnect at a later point for access to the Store. Navigation will be extremely laggy, but fight through it and watch as the maps all download.
8) The Store becomes available at this time. Tokens are a rarity with offline play, and certain versions have different ways of obtaining tokens, most of which are disabled (such as daily rewards and special events). There are enough tokens to unlock the revives achievements with the in-game achievement system, but you may choose to purchase enough for the revive achievement, and any costumes, at this point.

From now on, launch the game with an Internet connection to "enable" the Xbox integration, close it once the update popup appears, and launch it in Airplane Mode. The Xbox symbol should appear in color, rather than greyed out. When you wish to sync up any Xbox achievements, just launch with an Internet connection. Even though you'll get the update popup, the achievements will still sync.
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PermalinkHow to Create An XAP Backup for Windows Phone
As a follow-up on my previous blog (Shadow Kisuragi's blog post - Installing Delisted Titles on Windows Phone 8), I've been asked by numerous people if it's possible to create their own backups to install at a later point, in case their device fails. There have been multiple instances where a game has been completely removed from My Library, and cannot be redownloaded.

DISCLAIMER: These steps are meant for creation of your own backups. Distribution of these files (or any backup) is strictly against DMCA and various other international copyright laws.

NOTE: This was tested with a Pre-Anniversary Windows 10 Mobile device. YMMV.

Items Needed:
1) Windows 10 Mobile
2) PC with USB Connection
3) USB Cord
4) File Explorer (which I believe was renamed to Files in a later release).

1) Connect your phone to your PC via USB, so you can access the Phone Storage.
2) Create a shortcut to your C:\ drive on your PC.
3) Place it in the Phone Storage at the root, alongside the other folders.
4) Open File Explorer on your phone.
5) Select the shortcut to the C:\ drive. This should allow you access to the phone's storage.
6) Select Data\PROGRAMS. You'll get a list of folders with GUIDs.
7) If you don't know what you're looking for, select a folder, select Install\Assets, and look for the ApplicationIcon or something within Tiles to give you a better indication of what you're looking at.
8) Once you find what you're looking for, copy the Install folder by pressing and holding, and selecting Copy To...
9) Copy the folder back up into a public location on your device, such as within the Documents folder.
10) Close File Explorer.
11) Disconnect and reconnect your phone to your PC. This is needed to refresh the folder list.
12) Re-open the Phone Storage on your PC, and go to the location you placed the folder.
13) Copy the folder to your PC.
14) Open the Install folder, select all of the contents (except for the WMAppPRHeader.xml), and right-click. Send To->Compressed (Zip) folder.
15) Rename this folder something appropriate, and change the extension from .ZIP to .XAP.

Congrats! Now you've created a backup of your installed application. In order to restore this to your device, follow the steps in my previous blog (Shadow Kisuragi's blog post - Installing Delisted Titles on Windows Phone 8) which works for Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 10 Mobile.
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