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Honestly can't wait for Halo Infinite! Though I'm gonna have to grind out H5 to SR 152 for that special gift they'll be giving :o

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Poi: Windows 10 Edition First Impressions
So far I have only played a couple hours of Poi for Windows 10 and just thought I'd make a blog on my first impressions of a game and that I should make this my first.

Poi is a very fun platforming game that is fairly similar to a few of the Mario games that have you collecting stars, but instead for this game they are medallions. I really enjoy the game with it's many different things it wants you to do, like finding fossils, or exploring the area for specific locations. There are around 7 medallions in each world as well as puzzle and possibly secret levels hidden around the area. The enemies are different and found that you can be combo'd if you are not careful. Absolutely hate the Whack moles in the second world as they can hide and move underground making it tough to see them.

The controls are pretty well done and the graphics are not that bad. Sadly I found the one issue within the game that makes it unplayable at the moment. The save function for the game currently does not work so even if you save and quit you'll be back at 1 medallion when you come back to play the game once more, so unless you are up for playing the whole game in one whole sitting with out quitting out of the game, you will probably not want to start playing it just yet. I personally will go for a whole run since I have nothing better to do tomorrow, but as for tonight I will be taking a well needed nap before I start my adventure... again.

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Comment by Clad master at 10:55 on 07 Aug 2020

Can you play with a guitar controller ?

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Comment by Jamiereloaded23 at 03:45 on 07 Aug 2020

Without a doubt one of the top three worst Xbox games I have ever had the misfortune of playing!

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Comment by Jamiereloaded23 at 01:34 on 07 Aug 2020

2 full playthroughs for this completion as my game crashed right as I was about to pick up the last collectible and the save file disappeared :(

Comment by TheShyShooter at 05:16 on 07 Aug 2020

That's horrible.

Comment by A 0 E Monkey at 09:25 on 07 Aug 2020

Yeah I had to replay a bunch of the one version because an item didn't appear in the fish

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