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Enjoying My Xbox One
I finally got an Xbox one, and have had it for about a month and a half now. After spending some time with it, stepping back to play the 360 feels like going back in time. and there are definitely some great improvements.

I love how quick just about everything works, and nothing beats being able to start right where you left off in the last game you played. I keep getting pleasantly surprised when that happens. I don't spend nearly as much time playing video games as I used to, now that I have two kids and a lot more responsibilities. So having the option to hop right back in where I left off is nice, and it makes better use of my time.
I also love that I have so many Games with Gold to download from the years I have been adding them to my account, plus tons of backwards compatible 360 games. I have a collection of about 230 ready to download, on top of the 15 or so on my console right now.

I'm still getting used to a few things. I keep trying to make clips and then forgetting how to do it, and then having to forget about it because the next round in a game is about to start. I also keep forgetting to check to see if an achievement popped on Trueachievements when I know I did the requirements, but it never popped on my console and does not show up as complete. The Xbox One is slow to realize that some achievements have popped, which is kind of annoying, but when they do, I love that they pop in my customized orange color.

I've been playing through Gears of War 4 mostly and spending a little time with Killer Instinct Classic. I've also knocked out some of the easier achievement games like Ben Hur and Energy Cycle when I have a few free minutes. I'm looking forward to getting into The Dead Island games again, the rest of the Killer Instincts and Gears Ultimate Edition.

I'd love to hear if anyone has any neat features they like about the Xbox One and what Games with Gold for the One they have had a blast playing that I could plan to play soon.

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