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My Experience Playing 400 Xbox 360 Games
I recently hit a milestone for having played 400 Xbox 360 games. That's about an equal number of retail and arcade games along with two Games for Windows Live games (Fable 3 and Wordament). That's a lot of games, and it has me thinking about what I've played and how my experience probably differs from what other people have when they play through a ridiculous number of games.

So, here are a few of the more interesting statistics and observations about the games I've played, just to give my experience some perspective.

Stackable Games- I only played one game on two different versions. That was Fable 3. It's one of my favorite games of all time, and I had no problem with buying it on sale for the PC at $7 after I had already completed the console version. I managed to get all all achievements in both versions, though the PC version was far buggier. But that may have had a lot to do with my PC, which is not really made for gaming.

Games for Achievements- I don't play many games just for the achievements. I used to do that more often when I first took my console online. That's when I wanted to make sure I had more gamerscore than my friends. So I played Cars, Fuzion Frenzy 2, Open Season, Live Score Tracker, Live Draft Tracker and, of course, Avatar the Last Airbender. I didn't enjoy a single one of them, and the experience with those has turned me off from buying games just for some easy gamerscore.... well for the most part. I did get Sonic the Fighters and Fighting Vipers when they came out, but those only took a few minutes of my life.

Worth Playing- I've actually really enjoyed most of the games I played. If I don't like a game, I tend to put it down quickly and not worry about how it affects my completion percentage. They are games, after all, and not worth making myself miserable just to increase my score. I think I've been fortunate to mostly play games I really enjoyed. But that has only happened because I mostly stick to genres i enjoyed. I mostly play shooters and action games, but I'm not adverse to branching out every now and then. If I do branch out, I always research the game first to make sure it is something that I think I will like.

Completion- I tend to at least try to get all the achievements in every game I play. I am less inclined nowadays since I have less time to play. I don't mind the occasional boosting sessions for games that have dead multiplayer, as I often enjoy chatting up with the people I am playing with. And if I am doing a grindy achievement, I just turn on a podcast to listen to it in the background. I actually look forward to some grindy achievements just so I can catch up with my favorite podcasts.

Am I Rich?- I must be rich to have played so many games, right? That's what people who don't play many games think about my habits and my collection. But a lot of people on this site are probably using the same methods I do to play more games than the average person. I borrow and trade games from people I know and my family members (two of which have 360s). I almost always only buy games when they are on sale. And I wait for the really good sales. And I get games each month from Games for Gold. This lets me spend about the same amount of money each year as people who only buy a few new games, and I get to play far more.

So that's all I have for now. It's a lot, and I don't blame you for not reading it all. If you have insights you would like to share about your own gaming experience, please do so in the comments.
Posted by ShadowManGMR on 16 May 15 at 14:50 | There are 3 comments on this blog post - Please log in to comment on this blog.

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Comment by TheNickOfTime at 00:29 on 26 Sep 2017

We're getting old haha

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                  Status change by Stealth David at 22:23 on 25 Sep 2017Stealth David status: anyone got a forza horizon 2 xbox 360 they would sell me
Comment by Aki2403 at 22:29 on 25 Sep 2017

They're like rocking horse s**t, expect to pay a fair amount if you manage to find a copy. And when you do, I'm still in need of the online achievements.

Comment by Gunstar Red at 22:34 on 25 Sep 2017

Would be nice if they made it GWG before its impending delisting. Forza 5 is probably getting axed soon so they gave it away this month.

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Comment by Gunstar Red at 21:46 on 25 Sep 2017

Wow, you blew through that game! Congrats on another Forza. I need to motivate myself to finish this.

Comment by Stealth David at 22:04 on 25 Sep 2017

Last one that is complete able i think for me

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                  Status change by Stealth David at 15:11 on 25 Sep 2017Stealth David status: Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump on twitter reminds me of two kids arguing whos got the biggest **** getting boring now lol
Comment by IKV91 at 15:16 on 25 Sep 2017

As long as they do nothing more than compare junks than I'm fine with it.

Comment by Stealth David at 15:19 on 25 Sep 2017

I can just imagine Donald and Kim waking up each Moring logging on twitter then trash talking each other laugh

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Stealth DavidForza Horizon1000 Club Expansion PackStealth David completed the 1000 Club Expansion Pack DLC for Forza Horizon
Comment by Slayers Reign at 15:21 on 25 Sep 2017

Did the extra cars make this a little smoother?

Comment by Stealth David at 15:24 on 25 Sep 2017

A lot thank you both

Comment by Slayers Reign at 15:46 on 25 Sep 2017

No problem. Figured before I uninstalled to just unload.

                  Status change by Stealth David at 08:50 on 25 Sep 2017Stealth David status: Can someone please send me British Cars and BMW's on Forza Horizon its all I have left :)
Comment by Stealth David at 09:35 on 25 Sep 2017


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ShadowManGMRUHH 3ShadowManGMR has lost their match in UHH 3 - lost to feniks1986 9 - 8
Comment by MegaManSurvives at 12:13 on 25 Sep 2017

Close battle!

Comment by ShadowManGMR at 15:16 on 25 Sep 2017

I put up a fight, in the end, he had more access to games

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MC0REBEUHH 3MC0REBE has lost their match in UHH 3 - lost to Mickford 8 - 8 (tiebreaker)
Comment by MC0REBE at 12:36 on 25 Sep 2017

So ties equals losing? Learning everyday ...

Comment by Homunculus Fury at 15:32 on 25 Sep 2017

I thought the tie breakers were highest ratio and then who unlock first

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PiCkLE SQU1DUHH 3PiCkLE SQU1D has lost their match in UHH 3 - lost to RedmptionDenied 4 - 3
Comment by Jappe at 20:31 on 25 Sep 2017

Tough opponent!

Comment by Cr4ck Sh0t23 at 23:31 on 25 Sep 2017

You should have done Tekken tag 2. Couple fairly easy ones.

Comment by PiCkLE SQU1D at 00:42 on 26 Sep 2017

I can't do that stuff. Fighting games are not for me.

MegaManSurvivesUHH 3MegaManSurvives has won their match in UHH 3 - beat Zylo Grey 7 - 6
Comment by Pynnokyr at 12:16 on 25 Sep 2017

Your list looked tough nice!

Comment by MegaManSurvives at 12:49 on 25 Sep 2017

Yeah it was pretty brutal! Thanks

Comment by Hurler Ronan at 16:06 on 25 Sep 2017

good win!

KratosGodOfWarsUHH 3KratosGodOfWars has won their match in UHH 3 - beat Our Afflictions 3 - 1
Comment by MegaManSurvives at 12:00 on 25 Sep 2017

Nice win!

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