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It's only been a couple of days since my last post, but on a personal note, I have switched to a new medication regimen. Fentanyl patches. Fentanyl is extraordinarily powerful medication but since I have been on painkillers for years, it is a good match for me. So far, the patch has been amazing, providing around the clock pain relief. So far I have barely needed extra Percocet along with it. So, I am optimistic for the future.

In gaming, the big sale on backwards compatible titles was great, I bought about 5 titles, in particular ones I had a moderate interest in but didn't want to spend more than 20 bucks on. Alice: Madness Returns, Blue Dragon , and Blood Knights being the ones I purchased under this pretense. I also purchased Battlefield: Bad Company 2, which is a great game that I bought and beat when it first was released on PC. It was rather cheap so why not go through it again and get some gamerscore along with it? Along with BC2, I bought COD 3. COD 2 is still one of my all time favorite FPSs, World at War also being amazing. I oddly never bought or played COD 3, partly because I constantly heard rather widely ranging opinions on its quality. At 5 dollars, I think it's worth a play now. A concern for both of the games is that they both have a significant number of achievements relying on MP gaming. As I have gotten older, I have shied away from playing MP but more concerning is that they are older games that will have a minimal player base to help get as far as I need to. Oh well, we'll see if I can cobble together any teams to get a couple of MP achievements.

Also, I breached the 140 k gamerscore mark recently, closing in on 150 k. My progress these last few months have been wonderful (for me, of course).

I finally beat Flinthook the other day. By "beat" I mean I beat the final boss but I still have quite a bit to do such as get the speed run achievements, score achievements, buy out the black market, get all the lore and relics, and also get the "happy" ending which I still need to suss out what exactly is required. There are some small issues with the game but overall I think it is an excellent example of a throwback indie game with lots of heart and sharp controls. One of my favorite smaller games released in the last couple of years.

As I reported before, I am crunching through Darksiders. Mos amusingly, I was not paying attention to TA playlist so I had no idea that it was the game of the month. How fortuitous. I just beat the Griever so I am at about the half way point. The game still feels nice to play which is to the developer's credit. Some of the other games I have been playing such as Alice: Madness Returns and even Bad Company 2 feel a little mechanically goofy, with slightly off movement/battle movements. Not a big deal, but you can feel the age of the games. Darksiders still shows its age, but in grew into its age well.

I wanted to toss out another post due to the sale and now that that is done, I bid you farewell. Until next time...
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Well, it has been about a month since I have last posted and I know I currently don't have the best record for it, but I'm trying. I'm stuck in the middle of medical crapshoots and moving at the same time so I honestly haven't really wanted to do much besides playing games recently, most likely to my wife's chagrin. On the plus side, I have just broken 140 k gamer score today so that's going quite well. I'm not going to spend this post gibbering about the ins and outs of my personal life this time so let's get to the games, shall we?

First and foremost: Prey. So, I just beat it, and I must say I very much enjoyed it. The world (Talos 1, alternate historical timeline, etc.) is absolutely wonderful. The exploration felt really rewarding and I loved that, much like Deus Ex and the like, you can get around in numerous ways, from investing in alien powers to super strength to open unpowered doors or remove large obstructions. The combat, on the other hand, wasn't as enjoyable. The mimics were very enjoyable as a form of enemies. You learned to be very cautious early on and soon get to pin point when things in a room look wrong. Early on, before you have the ability to scan rooms and, with a special chip installed, spot mimics, you literally run around hitting every object with a wrench to make sure a little bastard won't jump out and shred you. The larger enemies were far less enjoyable to fight. Limited resources made ammo somewhat a precious commodity, which isn't a horrible thing in itself, but with the number of enemies they throw at you, you feel a bit overwhelmed by not being able to effectively defend yourself at points. The twists and turns of the story and the many side quests, all which felt fairly organic and relevant to the station at large, coupled with moral choices also made for a great run. So, despite so somewhat tedious, or downright ridiculous, fighting, the game at large was a wonderful experience. I personally would give it about a 8.5/10.

Next up, I try jumping into horde matches on GoW4 every so often but I am getting close to giving up on it since 3/4 matches has an XP farmer who just sits there and doesn't contribute. I rarely get past wave 30 with most the teams I get matched up with. Oh well. I don't sink a lot of time into it so I can't complain too much.

I am replaying Deus Ex: Human Revolution for achievements. I bought and beat it when it first came out and greatly enjoyed it. Playing it again many years later I still quite enjoy it but some of it hasn't aged particularly well. The movement and shooting is a bit clunky but not too hard to overcome.

Like Deus Ex, I am also replaying Fallout: New Vegas. Apparently I am in the minority in that I wasn't blown away by the game when it first came out (or now for that matter). I still enjoy it, but Fallout 3 was so much more enjoyable to me. I do love that it still has the TAG and perk system in place that was removed for Fallout 4 but the NCR/Legion death squads are so fucking annoying early on in the game. It took me awhile to get into the swing of things, finally getting my companion to back me up and getting decent enough weapons to at least survive an ambush. It's just ridiculous that 4 hunting rifle shots to the dome would still not kill one of the four ambushing bad guys. Oh well, I now have my big plasma rifle and anti-material rifle, so all it well now.

When the Hot Wheels DLC for FH3 was announced I thought "I did not ask for all...but I am totally stoked for it." The idea is grand and exciting and the races and new DLC area are a blast but I am noticing that, at least to me, the AI has been tweaked quite significantly. It feels like there is excessive rubber banding and aggression from the other drivers, making what should be easy races into rage inducing losses because an AI Jeep suddenly activated a warp speed ability unknown to me.

Lastly, after hearing about the Darksiders 3 announcement (which I am very excited about by the way), I grabbed the greatly discounted dual pack of the remastered 1 and 2 of the series. I am having a great time replaying them right now, about a third of the way through the first one. I don't think I actually beat the second one so I am looking forward to doing that soon(ish).

There you have it folks (or empty space), we'll see how my moving goes along with my new medication regimen, so if I feel better, I might post more. Hopefully that is the case. As always, until next time...
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Well shit, I've been meaning to keep up on writing, which I know doesn't matter to anyone but myself, but life is a bitch sometimes, which I know better than most. I suffer from severe chronic pain which usually confuses people because apparently since I'm 29 years old I'm too young for that. Well, I also had bypass surgery when I was 19, so I'm too young for a lot of shit. Anyways, my point is that this last month has been really rough. I have to remain severely medicated on painkillers to even allow myself to remain functional and this last month I've been battling a re-up of Mono along with a lot of painkillers. Barely even functional to play video games on occasion. Starting to feel a little better but it's been a tough run. Even ignoring the mental and physical toll of dealing with severe health issues for years without end, I feel guilty for making my wife put up with so much. I can't drive because of how many painkillers I take, which I know is quite an annoyance, along with needing physical support, where I sometimes need help to get out of bed, off the couch, in the car, walking, etc. I'm very lucky I have the support I do but I can't help feel guilty about it sometimes. *sigh* Well, that's enough depressing bullshit, let's talk games for a moment.

I haven't put up a post since ME: Andromeda came out and I have played through it and finished it and now play the multiplayer most days. The original trilogy are my favorite games of all time, but I figured that expecting another masterpiece would be too much so I had tempered expectations. Well, I have to say I actually very much enjoyed the game. Is it stunning? No. I would personally give it about an 8/10. The animation issues were a bit jarring but it didn't seem to bother me as much as the others. Some complained that there were too few new aliens in the new game but within the game's canon, it makes sense. There are no mass relays for large swaths of the galaxy to communicate and travel between, instead we are in a relatively small cluster in the galaxy. I liked the Angarra quite a bit. I do have some torn feelings on how the game will probably be changed a bit within the next six months and those of us who are day one adopters get a lesser experience, but I can save that for another day. The multiplayer is an attempt to move ME3s mp into the new galaxy but unfortunately has a lot of issues. It is horribly unbalanced with player skills and many weapons doing poor damage mixed with enemies being too powerful, even at the easiest difficulty. I can beat the vast majority of bronze level matches, but sometimes it seems rather ridiculous with the number of elites being spawned. Silver and Gold are exponentially harder with relatively little match in increased rewards. The "gacha" system from ME3 is back, buying card packs to unlock stuff. I hope they release new patches soon, 1.5 made MP a fair bit worse, in general, and needs quite a bit of work.

In other news, I have finally beaten Gears of War 4, which was quite fun. I wasn't blown away by it because it felt like I was going from defense arena to defense arena in the main campaign, but the characters were relatively cool and the combat felt great. I hope they harken back to the older games for the campaigns.

I am also very much enjoying Persona 5 on the PS4. Crazy ass game with great characters, interactions, etc. I'm getting tired of typing so I'm gonna TRY and do another post soon.

Until next time...
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